Advantages and disadvantages of electric curtain, electric curtain installation

The advantages and disadvantages of electric curtain is the point that the owner is very concerned about. There are many characteristics of tie up curtains, of course, there are certain disadvantages. As for the installation of electric curtains, in fact, there is no difference with the installation of household curtains, as long as it is how to use electric curtains, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of electric curtains, electric curtains how to install it.

1. Disadvantages of tie up curtains

 (1) The high price of electric curtain compared with the traditional curtain, because it is an electronic product, the price of some electronic components inside is relatively expensive, and the overall price of the whole curtain is also relatively expensive. 

(2) Limited service life For electric curtain is to use DC brush motor or DC brushless motor to work, such a working mode makes its service life is only three to five years. 

(3) poor after-sales service technology electric curtain because it is a high-tech product, if there is an accident, the general home can not guarantee the immediate repair of electric curtain within 24 hours, so it is more troublesome for us to use.

tie up curtains

2.Advantage of tie up curtains

(1) Traditional advantages Electric curtains have the traditional advantages of our ordinary curtains, such as shading, protecting our privacy, and having a decorative role, so electric curtains for us can also meet our different needs. 

(2) The Electric Curtain With Good Intelligent Effect Is Suitable For People Of Different Ages To Use, And The Electric Curtain Is Very Innovative In Performance. It Can Control The Curtain At Will Through The Wireless Controller, Without Manually Pulling The Curtain, And The Electric Curtain Can Be Booked In Advance. 

(3) Good Mute Effect Generally, Our Bedroom Electric Curtain In Operation Will Use High-Quality Mute Beads And Gear Belt, A Few People Friction Generated By The Sound To Achieve The Lowest Effect, Than The Traditional Curtain Noise Is Much Smaller, Basically Brings The Perfect Mute Effect.

3. Electric curtain installation method

1, measurement before installation, should first measure the data. This is because many owners often do not measure good data, resulting in the installation of curtains are either too long or too short, both a waste of time and trouble. Therefore, we should first measure the length, width and other important data of the window, and then cut according to the actual situation, so as not to cause waste or inconsistency. 

2, the installation of the motor this part of the installation can be said to be very important, it directly affects the normal use of curtains. However, to install it to a certain height, but also pay attention to the motor reserved socket, so as to ensure the supply of current. In addition, note that the voltage of the motor must be less than the voltage of the socket. 

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3. Install the curtain sliding track. Then, it is the installation of the track. Although there are a variety of track materials on the market, but it is generally recommended that the track uses high finish aluminum alloy material, it can be a good guarantee that the curtain on the track can be very smooth glide, without the phenomenon of jamming.

4. The installation of curtain cloth will be followed by the installation of curtain cloth, but when installing curtain cloth, we should be very careful and serious. This is because the curtain fabric with iron ring buckle should be buckled on the sliding track one by one. Once the buckle is wrong or missing, it will affect its normal use. When installed, you can try to pull the curtain by hand to ensure that the curtain can slide along the track.

tie up curtains

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