Thick winter curtains

Summer passed, autumn began, and winter came. One was the funniest season and the other was not so much fun. You either like it or you don’t. I personally don’t like winter. Winter is too cold for me, and I can’t imagine how to keep out the cold wind if I don’t have thick winter curtains.

Winter has short days and long nights, which has its pros and cons. The benefit is an extra hour of sleep. But the downside for many people is: going out in the dark and coming home from get off work in the dark.



thick winter curtains

Winter change

Once winter arrives, many things will change for you. Weather changes, thick winter coats from 30+ degrees to -3 degrees. From a combination of sun and light wind, the weather suddenly changed to rain and strong wind, and even snow and sleet. This can even make a person dangerous on the street.

For example, not only does the weather change, but so do habits. In the summer, you’ll usually be outside longer in the evenings when the temperatures are still nice. You can also BBQ in the summer for cozy evenings with your partner/family, but possibly with the whole family or a group of friends. In winter, you trade your beautiful outdoor life for indoor living. Lovely long nights out on cozy sofas with blankets, fireplace, candles, hot tea or a nice glass of wine.


thick winter curtains

Warm and cosy

What I love about winter is that you can make the interior so cozy and atmospheric. You can go out and buy new accessories and rebuild the entire interior. For example, candles, lanterns and other accessories.

Besides the accessories mentioned above, have you ever dreamed of a nice soft gingham for your sofa, or nice soft upholstery pillows? What about the curtains? ! Just thinking about it gets me excited again. Good quality thick winter curtains, such as velvet curtains. Or our lovely roller blinds? Or do you want thicker curtains?

With us, you can even combine curtains with pretty decorative pillows. In the same fabric, or in a completely different fabric. You can come exactly how you like!

thick winter curtains


  • Winter also means holiday time! December is a joyful month. December is the time when families and friends come together and anything is possible during the holidays. Think Christmas and last but not least New Years Eve (or New Years). The Christmas tree in the house, and all the other shiny, cheerful and cozy decorations.

thick winter curtains

Time to furnish the house in a super attractive and warm way. are you ready? I do! Are you still looking for thick winter curtains? Check out our online store and order free samples so you can easily check out fabrics at home. Can you make a choice? Just order from us in the online store and you will receive free samples. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us or email us.

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