How to choose the right shading for the living room?

We usually spend a lot of time in the living room – we play board games, watch TV, eat, read, and even do some work on the computer with family or friends. If someone doesn’t sleep on the sofa bed in the living room, then we don’t need such a complete shade, but how can we find the right shading for the living room? 

In our series we have already given you advice on how to shade children’s rooms and kitchens, and previously we also gave advice on suitable shading for bathrooms. On the one hand, the shade must be able to keep out the unpleasant sun in summer and still provide enough light for all the mentioned activities. On the other hand, the shading requirement of the living room is not high, but it must ensure shading and privacy protection, and at the same time, not uselessly take away all the sunlight.


the right shading for the living room

Pleated blinds: diffusion of light and possibility of individual adjustment

Comfortable and soft light in the living room is provided by pleated shutters, which have a great advantage over classic blinds or roller blinds: they create blackout strips in any part of the window, and by moving the upper and lower profiles back and forth you can let the light through The shielding part enters the room. While classic roller blinds have to be drawn from the lower part of the window, pleated blinds are best drawn from top to bottom, meaning you see less of the inside. Pleats also help to brighten the interior, thanks to the rich fabric selection.

the right shading for the living room

Japanese blinds: Elegant screens let in plenty of light

Japanese shutters can also (depending on fabric choice) let in lots of light, but they also allow for privacy while forming a truly unique and interesting interior decor element. We wrote more about the Japanese Wall here.


Japanese blinds not only provide effective sun shading – with their help you can easily divide the space visually and create a working space in the living room.

the right shading for the living room

Screen shutters: protection from external influences and energy saving

  • Are you considering more complete shelter, but still want to see outside? Does it also have a temperature adjustment function (heat saving in winter and overheating prevention in summer)? Then the screen roller blind is the ideal choice for you. They help homes maintain a comfortable temperature year-round and give windows a modern and elegant look.

In addition to these variants, you also get tried and tested classics: horizontal blinds, fabric vertical blinds or roller blinds. There are few limits to a living room, so choose according to your taste and what is most important to you and your living room, such as temperature regulation capability, variability in light penetration or ease of maintenance. If you still have questions about how to choosing the right shading for your living room? Welcome to contact us!

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