The ready-made roller blinds

The ready-made roller blinds are available in various presentations depending on the finish of the lower profile and the upper head. We have 4 types of lower profiles and 5 types of heads.

All the ready-made roller blinds of UNITEC are handcrafted and made to measure, therefore the prices are approximate. Your Monet advisor will give you the exact price once your chosen textures and patterns are defined. The published price is per square meter.

The ready-made roller blinds

Description of the ready-made roller blinds

The ready-made roller blinds are a product with a minimalist appearance in which the fabric is the protagonist. The fabric, which can be technical (Screen), decorative, or blackout, is rolled up in an aluminum tube that rotates manually (by means of a chain) or automatically (by means of the remote control).

They turn out to be the ideal solution for the solar protection of any environment, from very small windows to the largest ones, since they offer a wide range of technical and decorative fabrics, blackouts with different textures, and a modern chromatic variety. These Monet roller blinds allow you to control sunlight to create more comfortable environments.

The ready-made roller blinds is manufactured using processes that involve advanced technologies such as ultrasonic fabric cutting and heat sealing. The raw material used is high-performance: high-resistance mechanisms and tubes designed to reduce bending and ensure the best fabric drape.


Australia blockout roller blinds fabric Coated URB1901-1930

Persiana Rolô Blackout Tecido Nápoles BK URB2701-2710

Blackout roller shades fabric Vitra URB8101 – 8130

Silver blackout roller blinds fabric URB4001-4008



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