The best blinds for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that gives us the most service, and yet when it comes to thinking about decoration we have it a little forgotten. We focus more on the living room or room when in fact we spend a lot of time in the kitchen is more or fewer kitchens. But what about the windows blinds for the kitchen? Which Venetian blinds or roller blinds are the best for their characteristics?

blinds for the kitchen

The three things about the blinds for the kitchen you should consider:

We are looking for three things: that the blinds for the kitchen are easy to clean and install, that they let the light through properly and that they combine with the rest of the decoration of our kitchen.

We discard the classic curtains because it is a place in the house constantly subjected to all kinds of fumes and gaseous emissions, so stains could be present often and what we need is an easy maintenance material. In this case, we opted for the screen roller blinds for the kitchen, which to clean them all they need is to apply a damp cloth.

On our website, you can see that there are different types of transparency depending on the degree of openness and also different colors so that, as we have mentioned before, they go well with the decoration. It is a moisture-resistant, fire retardant fabric that also allows light to pass through but not heat. This will also be important for products or furniture that are on the other side of the window, to ensure that they do not deteriorate.

As for Venetian blinds, we also discard the wooden ones because it is an environment exposed to humidity. In this case, if you are thinking about whether the best blinds for the kitchen are PVC or aluminum, either would be suitable for the kitchen, taking into account that the PVC ones are non-deformable.

The aluminum Venetian blind is cheaper, has a shorter manufacturing and delivery time, and a greater range of colors to choose from in order to customize them. In addition, its cleaning is not very complicated either, although it is a little more laborious due to the gaps between its slats and the dirt that may remain between them.

That, by the way, going back to the roller blinds and talking about personalizing, we have in our various series of models with special designs blinds for the kitchen, ranging from the name of each one to mosaics with all kinds of culinary motifs. The blinds fabrics in the three options to regulate the passage of light: Blackout, screen with 5% openness or translucent.

Again, and for the kitchen, we are left with screen fabrics. Other types of blinds would also be less appropriate, such as folding blinds, which although it is true that they can be put in the washing machine, the kitchen is not exactly the best place in the house to install them and have to wash them continuously.

Three trends to decorate the kitchen

As we always love to take a look at all the latest trends in decoration, we leave you three here for the kitchen that we have loved, to see what you think.

The first of them is to use the mint color, which is back in fashion and brings a fresh and spectacular touch more now that summer arrives, the color is perfect!

This other suggestion is of Retro Decoration with a vintage detail for the kitchen and those mirrors in bronze tones, what do you think?

And finally, we leave you with this beautiful scale, also in a very vintage style, which we have seen in decoration and that we also think is worth highlighting. It’s those little details that make the difference, right?

What do you think? Which do you like more of the three?



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