How to install blackout curtains

The installation method of blackout curtains is divided into the following steps: 1. Measure the size. Before installation, you must first measure the entire window and purchase curtains that meet the size; 2. Install roller skating tracks. Installation; 3. To install the temporary fabric blinds rod, it is necessary to reserve a width of more than 15 cm for the curtain rod; 4. Test results. After the installation is completed, the curtain needs to be tested to see if the installation meets the standard.

1. Measure the size

First of all, you need to measure the actual size of the window, and then buy a suitable blackout curtain. The size of the temporary fabric blinds must be larger than the size of the window, then draw a line on the window, position it, and measure the position that needs to be punched horizontally. Drill the holes first, and the position of the installation track must be kept level, and the actual spacing must be determined.

temporary fabric blinds

2. Install the roller skating track

There are many kinds of windows on the market, most of which are double-track or triple-track. If the window is wider than 1.2 meters, there must be a disconnected position in the middle of the blackout curtain. If it is installed directly on the cement wall, the screws selected must be To choose expansion screws, this kind of screw can be more firm, so that the service life of the track is longer, and then install it according to the measured position. It should be noted here that when installing the track, if the window sill is protruding, it needs to be larger than the window sill. Width, leave a certain space for the window sill to avoid the blackout curtain being blocked by the window sill after it is installed.

3. Install the blackout curtain rod

When installing the blackout curtain rod, when installing the blackout curtain rod, it is necessary to ensure that the joints on both sides are completely horizontal. Here, a test should be carried out to ensure that the blackout curtain rod is not inclined, so that it will be beautiful and practical after the installation is completed, otherwise it will be used later There may be many problems, not only affecting the appearance, but also the blackout curtain may slide during use.

4. Test results

When testing, first use your eyes to observe the appearance of the entire blackout curtain, see if there is any inappropriate appearance and correct it, and then try to push and pull the blackout curtain to see if the pull is flexible and there is no resistance. Do not use it when pulling Too much force, slowly increase the force.

Precautions for installing curtains

1. When installing curtains, you must first determine whether the curtains you install are bright or dark, because the installation time of these two kinds of tracks is different. If it is according to the track, then you need to consider it when suspending the ceiling Yes, especially when decorating the ceiling, it is necessary to consider the design of the curtains.

2. When installing the temporary fabric blinds, the most important thing is that the track and the curtain rod of the curtain must be in a horizontal state, otherwise it will counterattack, which will not only waste time, but also cause certain damage to the wall, so it must be maintained during installation. The horizontal state on both sides must not be careless.

temporary fabric blinds

3. When buying curtains, you must not buy the same size as the window. The width should be 20 cm larger than the size of the window. The height should be compared with the installation height of the curtain rod and the height of the ground. It is best to leave 5 cm on the ground. Left and right, don’t let the curtains fall directly on the ground, which is not only unsightly, but also easy to get dirty and difficult to clean.

At this time, it is best to mark the knotted place with a red pen, and tie it after washing. It is more convenient to go back. Then, after removing the bottom steel bar and the thin iron bar, you can take off the Roman shade and send it for dry cleaning. Then follow the disassembly steps to reverse and install.

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