What are technical curtains? Have you heard of technical curtains? If you’re wondering what technical blinds are, the answer is simple: they’re precise types of blinds that perform a specific function. Therefore, they are not only beautiful curtains, but also curtains specially designed to create harmony and aesthetic balance in the home, a product that allows you to flexibly set the brightness of the room and ensure privacy.

Types of technical blinds for interiors

Today there are many technical blinds for interior decoration, they can be panel, roller, etc.: find out how UNITEC offers technical blinds to customers and choose the one that best suits your needs. First, it is necessary to distinguish between indoor technical curtains and outdoor technical curtains. Both are divided into different categories, such as technical roller blinds and technical vertical blinds, among others. Let’s look at them together in detail.

technical curtains

Technical Roller Blinds

 These are technical curtains that open and close by unrolling from support tubes, their fabrics are widely appreciated for filtering sunlight. Roller blinds can be installed anywhere on the ceiling, wall, or window frame.

Technical vertical blinds

  • Vertical blinds are a versatile product that are commonly used in homes and other environments. It is a curtain with an original aesthetic impact, suitable for the most diverse architectural needs.

technical curtains

Pleated technical blinds

Installed on the window frame or parallel to the glass, pleated shutters provide excellent shade from the sun and are not only a space-saving solution but also adaptable to any different setting.

Why choose technical curtains

  • As already mentioned, a technical blind is the product that best manages to modulate the intensity of overheating and brightness of an environment. This is significant not only in terms of energy savings, but also of personal well-being: an environment that is well modulated in terms of heat is certainly a more livable and more exploitable environment.

Different opening and closing systems

technical curtains
  • Wanting to focus on the technical curtains for interiors, certainly among the most requested and widespread, we can specify how the various types of curtains can make use of different closing and opening systems. For example, roller blinds can be spring-operated, double-operated with chain lowering and decelerated spring-operated lifting, chain-only, crank-operated, and motor-operated – even with rechargeable batteries.

  • The motor drive is particularly useful in the case of very large blinds, regardless of the type of technical blind, which therefore cover a large surface area and a large window. Even the pleated blinds can be opened with a cord control system, chain control, manual control, and motor control. For the latter, moreover, the installation is also foreseen as a skylight, to have a good shielding also at roof level.

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