Global climate change is an important topic these days. Therefore, we are taking action to stop global warming. We use recycled materials wherever possible in our production and produce in a way that leaves little to no waste. But climate change is closely related to each of us, and maybe a small action of yours will quietly affect climate change. For example, whether the furniture we use is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Read on for how to choose sustainable window treatments and what it means to do so.

sustainable window treatments

How do you make sustainable choices?

Window trim can be sustainable in a number of ways. This may be related to material source, insulation effect and service life. Wood is naturally sustainable once it is harvested for ecological functions, meaning that forests are preserved as habitats for plant and animal species.

sustainable window treatments

Insulated window treatments keep heat inside for energy savings. With an average 50% heat loss through windows, choose sustainable window treatments and you can cut the heat in your room in half so you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner as often to cool it down. By choosing sustainable curtains, you can save money and be kind to the environment.

sustainable window treatments

Sustainable roller blinds

  • Wood window trim is trendy and lends an inviting vibe, but is it also a sustainable choice? The answer to this question is yes! Wooden shutters will last for many years because UNITEC only uses high-quality wood. For every tree felled, we plant a new tree so nature is preserved and forests don’t disappear.


Another sustainable window treatment is woven wood made from bamboo. It’s welcoming and gives a natural feel. Although bamboo is often thought of as wood, it’s actually another plant, and one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Sustainable blinds made of bamboo are beautiful, with a light and clear grain. It is the best choice for living room and tea room.

Smart window coverings save energy

  • Technology can no longer be ignored in our lives, not only constantly innovating, but also becoming more and more green and environmentally friendly. Electrically operated window trims have been known for some time and continue to evolve. UNITEC’s battery motors can be operated via an app, are very energy efficient and only need to be recharged once or twice a year depending on the intensity of use.

    • There are many more advantages to smart window treatments. Timers and scenes can be set to turn on or off automatically. Conveniently, you have the option to open the roller blinds at 8am to let in the sun.

To create a complete smart home, you can connect window shades with temperature sensors. Then it will automatically turn on or off when the set temperature is reached. Keeping the right temperature indoors will help you save energy.

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