Description: The sunscreen roller blinds fabric has the best character of light filtering and easy to clean while durable. And the indoor screen roller blinds, translucent screen fabric are designed to create a comfortable, privacy interior space and sun block blinds.

Sunscreen Fabrics

Sunscreen roller blinds Fabric is characterized by maximizing the entry of light without sacrificing privacy, allowing to observe the exterior gently and protecting both UV rays. Therefore, the fabric is often used for indoor screen blinds, sun block blinds, screen roller blinds, translucent screen fabric blinds.

Applications of sunscreen roller blinds Fabric:

It is a functional system, which occupies very little space once collected. Thanks to our different tube diameters and mechanisms, they can also be mounted on large windows. A comfortable and simple system. Screen fabric is the most used for its thermal functions, improving the energy efficiency of our home or our office. In addition to being fire retardant, we prevent the screen blind from being a source of fire, complying with the safety regulations requested by the EU, which are suitable for installation in addition to our house, in schools, restaurants, kitchens, offices, etc. The roller blinds, in addition to manufacturing them with the screen fabric, we also make them with opaque and translucent fabrics.

sunscreen roller blinds Fabric,indoor screen blinds,sun block blinds,screen roller blinds,translucent screen fabric

The translucent screen fabric is suitable for when we want to maintain privacy without losing the external luminosity. The opaque blinds fabric is a very good solution when we want to have maximum darkness.

Sunscreen roller blinds Fabric, sun block blinds, screen roller blinds, translucent screen fabric meets green building standards and can be used for indoor screen blinds. The translucent screen fabric has an openness 0.5%, 1%, 3% 5%,10% and 13%. Screen roller blinds can be used throughout the house – using blinds in long, narrow windows and even sun block blinds.

Sunscreen fabrics provide up to 90% protection against the sun’s UV rays, minimizing potential damage to expensive furniture and flooring. Our sunscreens also greatly reduce the glare and sun heat entering your room.



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  1. Johnson

    Sun shade screen also named sun shade cloth or sun shade mesh are used to provide shade, as well as, allow some sunlight to penetrate through.

    Made from high-density polyethylene, sun shade cloth is a mesh fabric of high strength, resistance to UV and chemical resistance. It is lightweight, easy for installation, durability and accuracy when light. Ideal for creating shaded areas and can be used in various locations including the protection of parks, alleys and gardens. Sun shade mesh fabric with 80% shade rate can be put babies nurser window to block the sun and also block insect whilst letting cool air through in summer.

    One of the biggest risk factors for crops is excessive exposure to UV rays. Failure to take proper precautions could result in damage to crops and in serious financial losses. Our sun shade screen made of polyethylene is ideal for protecting crops from UV rays. The netting has very small holes and very sturdy. Presented in different weight classes correspond to different percentages of shadow coverage (30%, 40%, 60%, 95%).

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