Points to consider before choosing?

In addition to telling you in detail how to choose curtains in this article, you must also consider the evaluation of sunscreen cloth, product quality, price, service, installation technology, and of course whether the products are diverse enough. The following are the points to consider before choosing.

Product quality of sunscreen cloth:

A high-quality curtain merchant will choose suitable sunscreen cloth for customers according to the location or decoration style of the house. If you find that their curtains are rough to the touch, or the lathe workmanship is not tight, and the color embroidery is poor, I recommend you to hurry up. Buy another home!
It means that the merchant has poor quality control. From the visible fabrics to the tracks, accessories, etc., they may all use poor quality raw materials. In addition, quality does not simply refer to the quality of the product, you can also observe the service attitude of the shop assistants as a reference!

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Cheap price should not be your only consideration. The price consideration here refers to whether the merchant’s price is transparent, and whether each detail item is clearly marked when quoting, including the unit price per unit of material and construction cost. Wait, you can also read more articles shared by customers, and compare various companies so as not to be extorted.

Service, installation:

Usually, the purchase of curtains will include installation services, but the service experience of each family is different. Some installations are very careful and focus on your home cleaning, while others are careless. You need to read other people’s experience sharing, and the service attitude is relatively good. And willing to communicate with the merchants to install curtains.

Close the blades of the louvers first, then spray an appropriate amount of water or polish on them, and wipe them dry with a rag. As for the drawstring of the curtain, you can use a bristle brush to wipe it gently, it’s easy!

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