Sun screen shades fabric PVC Free

As we all know, Sun screen shades fabrics are characterized by being attractive, functional, modern Eco Sun screen shades fabrics that is easy to adapt to all spaces. They protect the interior from UV rays, so furniture and floors do not spoil. Its openness factor eliminates glare. It has the advantage of seeing the outside perfectly and at the same time protects the privacy of the space inside. Its micro-perforated fabric has different openness factor, this being the one that determines its visibility factor, there are opening degrees of 0%, which corresponds to total blackout, and up to 10%, which are highly visible. Sun screen shades fabrics are very durable, resistant to moisture, abrasion rolled, unrolled, and does not lose color over time. It is unalterable to the movement of shrinking or lengthening. It is easily cleaned, and it has the property of repelling dust. But the composition of normal sun screen shades fabrics is polyester coated PVC. But in … Continue reading Sun screen shades fabric PVC Free