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sun screen shades for windows

When we talk about sun screen shades for windows, they are those roller screen fabrics with micro-perforations that allow light to pass through, allowing to preserve the view to the outside while preserving privacy. The roller blinds screen fabric 1% allows you to slightly look outside, but you get the necessary light to be able to illuminate a room.

Below are the features and advantages of 1% sun screen shades fabric for windows:

  • This opening is ideal for offices or desk-type rooms in order to avoid light bothering you on your computer.
  • Its sun screen shades for windows is very resistant (composed mainly of PVC).
  • It is durable.
  • It is easy to clean and it prevents the appearance of fungus on it.
  • They are fire retardant.
  • Highly resistant to environments of vapors and greases, being very easy to clean due to their PVC coating.

All our blinds fabrics can be operated manually, or also motorized. We have motors with electrical connection to the current and if you do not want or cannot connect electrically to the current by cable, we also have the option of being able to operate them with a battery motor. Finally, if you are a lover of automation, we have the Somfy system with which you can activate and program scenarios and schedules of your blinds through an APP on your cell phone.

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The color of the photo is referential and can change when seeing the fabric live and direct and also depends on the light that is in your window.


The measurements will always be rectified by our team, which could vary your budget. This may represent a balance against that you will have to pay additional or in favor which would be returned to your account. Measure correction is free. we can make them according to the measurements provided by you, which in case of error will not be part of the guarantee and cannot be returned.

The measurements of the sun screen shades for windows that are entered are from the finished curtain (not the fabric) in which the mechanisms are included. In any case, your curtain will not be made until confirming the measurement with you.

The fabric spacing between installed continuous roller blinds is approx. 3.5 cm. If there is no window profile, the glass will be visible.

The offices, in the case of buildings, are made only up to the first floor (reception hall). They do not go up the elevator or the ladder box unless we install them or you ask us to include it in the budget.



To consider


You must deliver a surface in condition to install, without leaving personal and/or electrical items that could hinder the installation. You should also worry about moving before installation that furniture that interferes with the installation of the sun screen shades for windows.

Our installers do not cut existing cornices or dust covers. This should be ready prior to install the sun screen shades for windows. Neither will we carry out the uninstallation of sunscreen shades that are not contemplated in the budget. If you want us to uninstall them, let the seller know so they can include them in your budget.

In the case of motorized sun screen shades for windows, you must leave us the electric starter ready. We will only connect your motorized product to that starter, our installers are not electricians.

In the event of cracks in stucco walls or ceilings, it is not the responsibility of our company. Our installer team will carry out a basic and superficial cleaning once the installation is complete.

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