How to choose a suitable for their own home curtains in summer?

Summer always let a person “irresistible”, how to choose a good summer curtains? Curtain it as contact with the sun, resist the sun at the same time heat insulation mosquito handle, choose the appropriate curtain, can make the family heat relief work twice the result with half the effort. 


Let’s pick a color. Home color collocation, compared with the large area of the main tone, furniture, bedding, accessories, etc., can be called “secondary tone”. 

summer curtains

In the overall choice of curtain color, we can consider the “main tone” and “secondary tone” together, in accordance with a certain color theme for the corresponding color selection, so that the whole home has a pure and not obtrusive matching sense.

If you feel that the unified theme color system is too monotonous, the lack of personality, you can use layer superposition, the use of contrasting colors to decorate the home, in the “seek common ground while reserving differences” principle of collocation. 

summer curtains

Really selection can not come, choose a more secure collocation, such as white, gray, beige and other colors, are never outdated classic. 

On this basis, different seasons, can be in accordance with the characteristics of the respective seasons, to adapt to the theme color choice or contrast color color.

summer curtains

Summer is accompanied by uncertainty and heat, always let our temper also move. Curtain as one of the home in the room occupies a large field of vision area, choose the appropriate color of curtain, can form an effective family atmosphere at the same time, it can also become a cooling artifact, comfort straight up.

summer curtains


First, type is cotton and hemp, this kind of fabric is more suitable for simple style of home clothes, breathable, comfortable, not ball, but easy to wrinkle, easy to light shrinkage. 

Secondly, type is flax, flax is a pure natural fiber, with good sweat absorption and air permeability. But light transmittance is strong, easy to fold, feel rough

  • Thirdly, type is flannelette, which has a strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, good air permeability, soft and thick to the touch, but it is easy to hang dust, and it is easy to shrink when machine washed. 

  • Last, category is polyester fabrics. The surface of polyester is very smooth and has a strong sense of luster. 


Yes, curtains as a barrier between home and the “outside” a protection, choose a high shading rate of UV isolation strong curtain, can block the sun, in a great degree to improve the home .

62% of the outside sunlight can be blocked to indoor radiation heat, indoor temperature contrast without curtains to lower 6-12 degrees, than the use of ordinary curtains to lower 4-6 degrees. 

In winter, it can reduce indoor heat loss by 58%.

summer curtains

How to choose blackout curtains

Today we will tell you 10 shading curtain purchase skills, including field collocation, curtain fabric material selection, so that you can easily choose affordable and durable shading curtain!

Selection of shading curtain fabric

  • The second step to choose blackout curtains is to confirm the material material, blackout curtain fabric material is divided into two kinds, one is coated blackout cloth. 

  • other is woven shading cloth, also we often hear sandwich shading cloth, in the middle of two layers of cloth with matte gauze or black gauze, anti-flame shading, embossed shading, printing shading and jacquard shading belong to the scope of weaving shading cloth.

summer curtains
summer curtains

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