Have you finally found your dream home, but it’s in a particularly busy and noisy area? Or is your office located in a historic center where the buzz of passing people and vehicles distracts you? The problem of noise pollution is real, especially when it’s centered in the home environment that’s supposed to bring us peace and tranquility.

Furthermore, from an architectural point of view, it is not always possible to intervene by installing acoustic insulation panels, especially in the case of historic or ancient houses. Therefore, sound-absorbing curtains are created, special anti-noise and soundproof curtains that cushion the sound pollution coming from outside, giving immediate tranquility to the rooms of your home. But how exactly do soundproofing curtains work, and which are the best soundproofing curtains? Let’s find out together in this article.

Operation and benefits of sound-absorbing curtains

A practical, economical, and aesthetically pleasing solution to look at: sound-absorbing curtains are the perfect allies to create a barrier that contrasts with its external effects, especially in the case of very busy cities or very noisy areas in general. Perfect in the bedroom, in the children’s room, in the rooms used as a study and even in the living room, the sound-absorbing curtains are effective for blocking out noise and cushioning the “outside” chaos. 

sound-absorbing curtains

They don’t eliminate noise, but they reduce it enormously, helping to create a more peaceful atmosphere in the home. In their name there is “the secret” of their functionality: the fabric literally absorbs noise, eliminating echoes and reverberations, acting as a shield between the initial sound wave and the reflected wave. 

How to choose sound absorbing curtains

First, we come to the length: a good sound-absorbing curtain is certainly a long curtain, which therefore has more fabric (even heavier) than a short curtain. As a rule, sound-absorbing curtains remain slightly wider than the window, so that external sounds can be better contrasted and muffled.

sound-absorbing curtains

Another feature of soundproof curtains is the presence of folds in the fabric: certainly, a smooth and straight fabric will absorb less noise than a curtain that has many undulations and – consequently – more fabric. Sound-absorbing curtains can be totally blackout or slightly filtering, and some of these offers not only acoustic but also thermal insulation. 

The heavy fabric of sound-absorbing curtains is perfect for reducing and almost eliminating sound, and an even more functional effect is obtained by overlapping several curtains. With a double rail, for example, it is possible to create a higher fabric density and consequently a significantly higher sound insulation. Usually the sound-absorbing curtains are fixed to the ceiling, for a superior coverage in height.

sound-absorbing curtains

The ideal environments to insert sound-absorbing curtains

  • As already mentioned, the environments where you live the most and – obviously – those where you sleep are perfect for installing sound-absorbing curtains. The bedroom, the children’s room, the study where you can concentrate to work and sometimes even the living room to watch a good film on television in the right silence: these are the rooms in which the presence of an insulating curtain is most required.

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