Wireless blinds? Choose from solar shutters and solar screens!

Is your house getting cold quickly? Screens or louvers can reduce heat loss and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Does the thought of pulling cables and drilling holes in walls daunt you? Do not worry. There is a solution! Choose from solar shutters and solar screens. Thanks to the solar panels, there is no need to drill holes in the wall. Such wireless sun protection is not only practical. It’s also a sustainable option. Want to know more? Then read on!

solar shutters and solar screens

Three advantages of solar shutters and solar screens

Screens and blinds powered by solar energy are very popular. This is no surprise, since parasols have many advantages! We mentioned three. Are you convinced after reading it?


solar shutters and solar screens

1. Easy to assemble

The shutters require energy to operate unless you choose manual operation. Typically, screens or roller blinds get their energy from a power source. Solar motors work differently. They get their energy from a built-in battery. Roller blinds and screens with solar cells are relatively easy to install. After all, they don’t need to pull cables and drill walls. Are you looking for wireless screens and blinds? A solar motor is a good option.

solar shutters and solar screens

2. Long-lasting sun protection

  • Screens and blinds with solar cells are good for the environment. Solar power is an incredibly sustainable energy source. Unfortunately, much electricity still comes from unsustainable sources, such as nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste. In addition, there is the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. There is also growing doubt about the sustainability of biomass. Solar (and wind) is many times more sustainable and safe. Therefore, purchasing solar blinds is an environmentally friendly choice. Also, with solar shutters and solar screens, you no longer need to use the air conditioner.

3. Save energy

  • Shading is not only a conscious choice of the environment. Solar shutters and solar screens can also help you save money. First, it doesn’t require your mains power. After all, the sun is a free energy source! Screens and shutters are mainly used for thermal insulation. Another way is through air conditioning. However, keep in mind that air conditioning consumes energy. So the price of solar screens may seem higher at first, but there are longer-term issues to consider. Of course, this also applies to roller blinds with solar panels. In addition, energy savings can be doubled by using roller blinds.


Choosing Solar shutters and solar screens?

If you want to cool your home, Solar shutters and solar screens are both great solutions. In addition, each product has many specific advantages. For example, roller blinds block light, which is a great advantage, especially in bedrooms. The screen only reduces the sun’s glare. This is more comfortable in the living room. Roller blinds have some added advantages. First, it is insulated. Roller blinds provide thermal and cold insulation. Therefore, roller blinds are a product suitable for all seasons. Roller blinds also have sound-absorbing and anti-theft functions. Also, roller blinds are less expensive than screens. You need to consider which factors are most important to you and choose accordingly.

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