How to remove roller blinds

Roller curtain disassembly steps: 1. Roll the curtain first, and put all the curtain into the shaft; 2. Remove the clips on both sides, and then remove the small clips on the left and right sides; 3. Remove the upper and lower beams, and then put the upper and lower beams together. The beams must also be removed, and finally with a little force, the entire solar shades with blackout can be disassembled directly. Be careful not to use too much force during the operation, and you can’t pull it off directly, otherwise it will damage the roller blind.

1. Roll up the curtains first

First put all the curtains into the reel, and turn them all to the top by pulling the wire when collecting.

solar shades with blackout

2. Remove the clips on both sides

Next, you need to remove all the small clips on the left and right sides of the reel. When removing the clips, you should also pay attention to the clips and keep them in a safe place, because they will be used later in the installation.

3. Remove the upper and lower beams

After that, both the upper and lower beams need to be disassembled, so that the entire curtain can be disassembled directly. Pay attention to the overall strength, and not use too much force to prevent damage to the solar shades with blackout.

Are roller blinds good?

1. Principle: As the name suggests, roller blinds are rolled. Generally speaking, this kind of curtain is more commonly used in office places, and now it is also equipped with an electric one, which means that it does not need to be held by hand. If it is hand-pulled, it will basically be equipped with a pull bead, and some are through springs.

During the specific operation, the bead can be pulled to drive the bead wheel to rotate, and then the fabric will move up and down, so it is a relatively simple curtain.

solar shades with blackout

2. Advantages: The design of roller shutter curtains is relatively exquisite, and the materials used are actually more particular. For example, polyester polyester is selected, plus PVC synthesis. This kind of fabric is also called sunshine fabric, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays. And this kind of fabric also has the effect of fire prevention, with the characteristics of flame retardant.

There is also a semi-shading, that is to say, it can block the line of sight and cannot see the indoor and outdoor scenes, but it does not affect the light coming in. In addition, there is another purpose that can achieve full shading.

solar shades with blackout

3. If the pull beads used in roller blinds are environmentally friendly materials, such as pom, the service life is relatively long. In addition, steel pull beads or copper pull beads are used, which are classic, durable and not easy to break.

4. This kind of curtain can also be used in the kitchen, because there is a glass fiber fabric, which has the effect of preventing high temperature and oil, so it is very resistant to dirt and is suitable for the installation of kitchen windows.

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