Solar fabric curtains- Features and Benefits.

Solar fabric curtains are ideal for protecting different comfort levels in homes, offices and commercial establishments from the direct incidence of the sun’s rays in an efficient manner.

Solar fabric curtains are made of durable materials and come in a variety of designs. Here we will cover the features, benefits and usage options of solar fabric curtains.

curtains and blinds are key elements

Sunlight is bright and beneficial in many everyday activities, but in other cases it can catch it and then block it, at least at some point when it becomes necessary.

In these cases, curtains and blinds are key elements – practical and versatile, serving both as a shade and as a widely used decorative item. Therefore, curtains and blinds solar fabrics (or screens, not in English) are an effective and ideal solution to protect the environment from sunlight.

The Solar fabric curtains are made up of polyester and PVC, its wefts being capable of blocking UV rays, which do not only harm human skin as they also damage and destroy the furniture, coatings and floors in environments that are exposed to direct sunlight.

The purpose of the Solar fabric curtains is to make the environments more comfortable and functional, blocking the UV rays without making the spaces dark, barely preventing the passage of sunlight that makes it uncomfortable.

Due to the blockage of two solar rays, the Solar fabric curtains also help in thermal comfort, softening the internal temperature, or that also makes the environment more comfortable and guarantees full use of the same, being these the advantages of using this material and what makes it so versatile, recommended and used in spaces such as verandahs, saccades, residences, offices, offices, etc.

Solar fabric curtains

Curtain Solar Fabric 1% (Dated)

1% opening between the weft edges – it is more dated (less transparent), it does not allow outside view.

Curtain Solar Fabric 3% (Intermediary)

  • Opening of 3% between the edges of the frame, it is a light transition, visibility that the curtain will give to the environment.

Curtain Solar Screen 5% (Translucent)

  • 5% opening between the wires, is the most used for solar screen curtains. They give the necessary visual and thermal comfort to the rooms.

    The percentage of opening between the weft threads of curtains varies from 1 to 12%, but the ability to prevent the passage of UV rays is only achieved in curtains that have an opening up to 5%.

Solar fabric curtains

Solar Curtain Roller Shades

  • Roller Solar fabric curtains is the most used model in environments such as balconies, sacks, kitchens, desks and general corporate spaces because it is a clean model, easy to handle, small footprint and discreet, no Various suggestions to interfere with style and decor. With solar roller blinds, it blocks UV rays without losing natural light in the environment, in addition to achieving greater thermal comfort. Available in 1%, 3% or 5% weft, the Roller Blind Solar Fabric option is perfect for a variety of projects and can be installed manually or electrically, side by side or transposed. UNITEC can offer accessories in more elegant finishes, which hide or support curtains.

Roman shade solar cloth

  • Solar Fabric Roman curtains combines all the functionality and versatility of Solar Fabric with more refined and refined models, adding a decorative touch to the environment. The model consists of rubber bands, collected according to the actuation of the curtain, which can also be manual or electric.

How and where to use Solar Screen?

Due to the characteristics of the material, the Solar fabric curtains is indicated for use in environments that have direct sunlight, as it is the fabric that can block UV rays without impeding natural light, in addition to protecting floors and furniture from the environment, not fading with the direct sunlight and still provide greater thermal comfort.


In addition to these characteristics, the solar screen, as it is composed of polyester and PVC, is a material that is easy to clean and resistant to factors such as humidity and steam, which makes its use even more versatile, in all types of environments and projects.

Solar fabric curtains

Below is a list of the main recommended uses for the solar screen:

  • (1).Balconies– when glazed, they become an extra room in apartments and houses. The Solar fabric curtains are indicated for use in environments that have direct sunlight, make this space much more comfortable, cozy and functional – as they allow the use for meals, rest and get-togethers in general, since without direct sunlight and with a lowered temperature, the room becomes the most used myth.

  • (2).Kitchens – in this room, solar screen roller blinds for the kitchen are highly recommended, as they block the UV rays that sometimes reach the face of those who occupy the environment, depending on the location of the window, in addition to having an important role in protecting appliances. Solar screen curtains can be cleaned with a damp cloth or soft sponge and neutral detergent and are therefore recommended for environments where more frequent cleaning is necessary, due to the incidence of grease and steam common in kitchens.

  • (3).Bedrooms and Living Rooms – in these environments, solar screen curtains, both in roller and roman models, are ideal for blocking the sun, but not the luminosity, creating the desired effect.

Solar fabric curtains are indicated for use in environments that have direct sunlight, in offices, meeting and event rooms, clinics, corporate environments are very suitable as there must be a suitable working environment without excessive light to block direct sunlight. This prevents, for example, a good visualization of computer screens, but at the same time allows controlled access to natural light. Solar blinds also provide thermal comfort, relieving internal temperature, which is very important in offices, clinics, shops and offices to provide a better experience for your customers, patients and staff.


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