What is a soft sheer curtain?

Soft sheer curtain is a light-adjustable striped curtain made of transparent yarn and soft curtain interlaced. It can adjust the light size by overlapping and staggering two horizontal stripes with different light transmittance on the two layers of fabric

1.Advantages of soft sheer curtains

1. Brightness can be adjusted at will

Compared with cloth curtains, the shading effect of soft gauze curtains can be easily adjusted, and different lighting effects can be achieved by adjusting the overlapping degree of transparent gauze and soft curtains.

soft sheer curtain

2. Low noise

The control method of the soft gauze curtain is usually controlled by a pull-bead rope. The crystal pull-bead strip after the mute design is smooth to use and the noise is very small.

3. Fashionable and unique style

The soft gauze curtain is handed down from Korea, so its style retains a slightly Korean flavor, giving people a fashionable, elegant, relaxed and casual feeling, suitable for young women or children.

soft sheer curtain

4. Easy to clean

The cleaning of the soft gauze curtain is simple, usually you only need to use a feather duster, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to clean the dust on the surface. When the stain is obvious, you can use a damp soft cloth or sponge to wipe the curtain, and if necessary, you can also add a small amount of neutral detergent for auxiliary cleaning.

5. Small footprint

Compared with traditional cloth curtains, soft gauze curtains take up less space, and when used in small spaces, they are particularly small and harmonious, so they are especially suitable for rooms with small areas

soft sheer curtain

2.Disadvantages of soft sheer curtains

1. Low privacy

When the soft gauze curtain wants to be completely closed, it is necessary to adjust the overlapping degree of the sheer gauze and the soft curtain, and there may be some gaps left. If you want to deal with private matters indoors, it will be troublesome.


2. The Bead Rope Is Easy To Get Stuck

The Soft Gauze Curtain Is Controlled By A Bead Rope. After The Bead Rope Is Used For A Long Time, It Is Prone To Problems Such As Jamming. Return To Sohu To See More

soft sheer curtain

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