Soft gauze curtain, fashion and elegance of its own school

Life is busy but noisy, always need to have a little quiet and peace. The elegant Soft gauze curtain gently isolate the outside world and leave an exclusive space for the heart. The atmosphere of the residence, the temperature, the light, all change with it, and life should be so arbitrary.

Soft gauze curtain:

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Soft gauze curtain originated in South Korea, also known as Shangri-la curtain. Is a collection of decoration and function in a new design, soft as silk, elegant as yarn, light control as easy as louvers, closed like a rolling curtain.

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Soft gauze curtain

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Composition: 100% Polyester

Style:Zebra 7.5cm x 5cm
Width: 2.85M
Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized
Weight:237 g/m² ±5 %

Fabric Name – Code:UNZ21-001~UNZ21-007

Composition: 100% polyester fiber.

Thickness: 0.32mm (TR)
Light Fastness: 5-6 (blue label), has passed the test of ISO 105-B02:2014

Soft gauze curtain


The soft gas curtain is divided into two categories: light transmission and rasimia. Two screens with the same text form a crowned phenomenon as they roll over the back and back of a similar textured layer. The appearance is comfortable and natural. Material polyester / hemp / nylon, double-layered piece, is a unique texture. It can keep the same color for a long time.

Soft gauze curtain


The brightness can be adjusted at will. Compared with the curtain, the shading effect of the soft gauze curtain can be easily adjusted to achieve different lighting effects. Curtains closed, can effectively block 99% of the UV, closed through the tulle can also filter 65% of the UV. When the curtain needs to be fully opened, the curtain can be fully rolled up.

The control mode of the soft gauze curtain is usually controlled by the bead rope, and the bead strip after the silent design is smooth and the noise is very small.

Soft gauze curtain originated in South Korea, the style is fashionable and elegant, relaxed and casual, and can also be used together with fabric curtains.

The curtain fabric is usually specially treated to effectively resist dust, moisture, splash or fingerprints in the air, not easy to absorb dust, and has excellent dirt resistance. Cleaning is very simple, usually only need to use a feather duster or hair dryer to clean the surface.

Compared with the traditional fabric curtain, the soft gauze curtain occupies a small space, and is petite when used in a small space, so it is especially suitable for small rooms.

Vertical soft gauze curtain

Vertical soft gauze curtain, also known as Hanas curtain, different from the traditional horizontal soft gauze curtain, the perfect interpretation of the new concept of window screen. Can be rotated 180 degrees, just adjust the Angle of the curtain, you can easily control the shading, to provide a high degree of privacy protection for the home, but also to soften the light entry. The fabric drapes completely naturally, with no additional draping required. Semi-transparent or light-proof PVC blinds are also available. Especially suitable for floor-to-ceiling Windows, terraces, glass doors and other large Windows.

Cleaning guide

1. Ultrasonic cleaning, the fabric will be bright as new. It’s just a little more expensive. 

2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to vacuum. 

3. Use a hair dryer (not set to heat) to remove dust. 

4. Gently wipe with a soft cloth or sponge moistened with warm water. Mild detergent can be added. 

5· Spray and iron with steam iron about 10 cm away from the cloth curtain, which can have the effect of dust removal/sterilization. 

6. Dust can be gently brushed with chicken hair Zen. If there is oil dirt and stains, use 74% alcohol or dishwashing liquid to stick on the towel to erase.

Soft gauze curtain

Through the above introduction, we must have a general understanding of the soft gauze curtain and zebra curtain, it can be said that they each have their own advantages. Choose a good curtain, let life more exquisite feeling.

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