Is the curtain still soft, hard? What's the difference?

There’s a huge variety of curtains out there, and new options appear every season, if not every three days. But although a variety of styles ambassador tricks, but basically can be simply divided into soft curtains and hard curtains.

1.Soft curtains

As the name suggests, it is a curtain made of unglued soft cloth. It is most common to open and close the curtains left and right. Soft fabrics mainly play with various pattern changes: different fabric textures and functions, as well as the artistic sense created in conjunction with pole accessories

soft curtains

Go to the general curtain decoration shop to see dozens of catalogs for flipping. With a catalog of nearly a hundred patterns and colors.

The material can be divided into window gauze, brocade, teal flower, shading sandwich cloth. After the selection of fabric, and then with different curtain rod, decorative head design and so on to form a complete curtain.

2.Hard curtains

soft curtains

Hard curtains include almost all styles that skip the traditional fabric curtain. The design change of cloth is not as much as soft cloth, but because the overall effect is firm, clean and simple is more and more popular style.

It is more appeal to the design of hard body function. There are different operating systems such as drawstring, no drawstring, up and down opening and closing directions.

soft curtains

The curtain can narrow the space occupied by the curtain box and reduce the dust mite attachment rate.
Blinds regulate light and allow ventilation. Zebra curtain is very interesting, at the same time has the advantages of privacy and lighting. 

Hard curtain production also has more different material choice
Take rolling curtain as an example: in addition to textile cloth, PVC mesh cloth, there are art paper, natural material weaving, hemp weaving, wood and bamboo weaving and so on.

soft curtains

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