Check Clearly While Buying Snap Shade Curtains

Regarding the snap shades, I personally think that it should be as simple as possible. When many students mention curtains, their first reaction is cloth curtains. In fact, besides cloth curtains, there are many kinds of curtains, such as bamboo roller blinds, picture roller blinds, and blinds.


(1) The installation of curtains, especially cloth curtains, should be completed after all the basic decoration at home, and after the pioneering and cleaning, do not install them in advance because of impatience, which may turn the cloth curtain into a huge dry rag .

(2) The color of the curtains should be harmoniously matched with the room (especially the color of the wall, the size of the room, and the color of the bedding). In principle, light-colored curtains are suitable for small rooms, and dark snap shades are suitable for large rooms.

snap shades


(3) The pattern selection of curtains should consider the size of the space and the net height of the room. In principle, the pattern of curtains in a small room should not be too large; for a large room, a large pattern can be selected appropriately.

(4) More And More Students Are Choosing Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains. Everyone Should Pay Special Attention To The Fact That The Hem Of The Floor-To-Ceiling Curtain Should Be About 3-5 Cm Above The Ground. It Affects The Drape Of The Curtains; Some Students Choose To Make Curtains With The Window Sills, Which Is Very, Very Unsightly.

3. Width

(5) The width of the curtain with pleats is preferably the width of the entire wall, which can cover the walls on both sides of the window, and the overall feeling is better.

(6) About the gauze curtain. It is definitely not objective to say that gauze curtains are not useful at all. For example, visually, some students like the hazy feeling of gauze curtains. So, pretend or not, as long as you like it.

snap shades


(7) There are many accessories added to the curtain, such as: lace, pendant, cloth belt, lead wire, hook, hanging ball, binding belt… From a practical point of view, in addition to the necessary things like cloth belt, there are also things like drape Pendants or lead wires are selected accessories, many others are flashy and cumbersome, and they are also the main profit points of curtain merchants. Therefore, it can be considered to omit appropriately.

snap shades

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