Sliding Door Coverings: The best choice for summer heat

Summer requires different sliding door coverings, let us take a look at various blackout curtains today!

Three kinds of blackout curtain fabrics with different properties

Sandwich Blackout Curtains

Sandwich fabric is currently the most commonly used curtain fabric in daily life. Black yarn is woven between the surface fabric and the base fabric, and monochrome embossing or raised patterns are made on the surface fabric, or colorful printing is directly done on the surface fabric. . The degree of shading depends on the depth of the background color, ranging from 75% to 95%. The sandwich cloth can make the room dark when the lights are not turned on and the curtains are fully drawn. There are exceptions such as: the height of the street lamp is just right Outside the window, or the room is facing the west, and users are more sensitive to light. Sandwich sliding door coverings may make users feel that the light and shadow are blocked from the outside. The degree of shading depends on the site and usage habits.

sliding door coverings

100% blackout curtains
In the past, in order to achieve 100% shading indoors, it was necessary to rely on curtains. Sandwich cloths were placed together, or a layer of light-proof cloth coated with silver paint on a sunshade was placed behind the sliding door coverings. After a period of use, most of them would fade Because the weight is too heavy, or the silver paint part of the light-proof cloth is not suitable for twisting and pulling in water, so the dust accumulated is not easy to clean. The new technology makes the backing cloth softer and lighter, even if the light source is directly shining on the 100% blackout curtain cloth , It can also perfectly block the light from the outside, which is the gospel for friends who have high demand for sleep quality.

Brocade Blackout Curtains
The common fabric samples are embroidery and electric embroidery interweaving different patterns on the surface fabric. In addition to being used on curtains, it can also be used on sofa pillows, tablecloths, and tablecloth decorations. Brocade blackout curtain fabrics have a shading effect of about 50%. On the left and right, the pattern changes are more diverse than embossing, and most of the embroidery and electric embroidery patterns are more luxurious in style. When used, it can clearly distinguish between day and night.

Functionality of blackout curtains

Improve the efficiency of cooling and heating rooms, saving energy and electricity
Everyone has different requirements for the sleeping environment. About half of the friends who keep the room completely dark and must turn on the night light are about half and half. Sandwich blackout curtains and 100% full blackout curtains can effectively block the outdoor light, and they will not be caught in the morning. The daylight wakes up early, and friends who live on lower floors will not be affected by street lights or passing car lights, so they can sleep soundly and well.

The shading rate of brocade blackout curtains is about 35-50%. It has the function of protecting privacy and allowing sunlight to enter the room gently. It is especially suitable for friends who like to bask in the sun in the morning and start the day with the weather.

sliding door coverings

improve sleep quality
Summer is here. In the city, when the neighbors on the left and right turn on the air-conditioning, and you can feel the stuffiness even when you open the doors and windows, it is really hard not to turn on the air-conditioning. The most outstanding advantage of blackout curtains is that they can effectively block the light and maintain indoor comfort. Temperature, improving the efficiency of cooling and heating rooms, not only can reduce the high temperature into the room in summer, but also help maintain indoor warmth in winter.

sliding door coverings

It is recommended to close the curtains of the western-facing room when you go out during the day to reduce the outdoor hot air from entering the room. When you get home from get off work, the air-conditioning can reach the desired room temperature more quickly, saving energy and electricity. If it is set to automatically shut down at night, the circulation fan can also delay the indoor temperature recovery without affecting sleep. Sandwich blackout curtains and 100% full blackout curtains can also be used indoors to divide the space and make the cooling room more efficient.

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