Curtain collocation and material selection detailed explanation

Those who have been used rotten sliding blind doors collocation are already out of date, these curtain collocation skills you don’t hurry to get?

Curtain material:

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1. Cotton curtains


Cotton is a natural plant seed fiber, with good hydrophilicity, durable, feel good, get a lot of people’s favor.


The disadvantages are matte, inelastic, easy to crease, and easy to shrink in case of water.

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Sliding blind doors material:​

2. Linen curtains


Hemp is also a natural plant fiber, the advantages of this fabric is good hydrophilicity, a certain fiber elasticity, moisture absorption, good heat dissipation, the best strength. His touch and gloss are also excellent.


His disadvantage is that the wear resistance is acceptable, the submission is not good, easy to moth, water shrinkage.


3. Gauze curtains


Gauze sliding blind doors gives a very light feeling, at the same time, he also has a good moisture absorption, light transmission effect is better, suitable for use in the living room balcony above.


However, the shading ability is weak, and it is not suitable for use in the bedroom alone.


4. Polyester curtains


Most curtain materials on the market are polyester materials, because the pure cotton and hemp materials bring a lot of trouble such as pilling, wrinkling, shrinking and fading, so usually we buy polyester materials.


Polyester curtain has the advantages of waterproof and oil proof, non-toxic and cool, fast sunlight, etc., but the moisture absorption and air permeability are poor.


5: Blinds


Shutters are also more commonly used, and the bathroom and kitchen in the general home use shutters more.


Shutters are durable, easy to clean, not aging, not fading, sunshade, heat insulation, breathable fire and other characteristics, high performance, and practical.

blinds double roller

The choice of curtain color:

1. Choose similar colors


The choice of similar colors is not a random choice, it is recommended to choose a color similar to the color of the wall, or choose a color of the same color darker than the color of the wall.


Choose a blue-green color that is close to the wall, and at the same time echo the sofa, fresh and fresh.


Choose the same crisp blue color as the wall, and the striped pattern brings a sense of fluctuation, elegant with a little playful.


According to the color of the wall, the light yellow curtain that is darker than the color of the wall is chosen to highlight the warmth.


2. Choose colors that are close to your secondary tone


A secondary hue is the second color you notice in addition to the large color of the walls and floor.


Because many people’s sofas in the home will choose neutral colors, so the sofa color is generally not as a secondary tone, it is recommended to find the appropriate secondary tone from the coffee table, carpet and other small objects.


But so many colors, in the end which to choose, depends on the specific situation, look at the following picture case you will understand.


The same is the blue wall, but deliberately chose the same white as the coffee table, a very smart approach, and the gauze sliding blind doors material well increases the permeability of the room.


Choose curtains based on the color pattern of cushions and carpets.


The color of the curtains and the color of the small blanket echo, bringing freshness to the room on a hot summer day.

The choice of curtain pattern:

1. Plain, solid curtains


If the home has been placed a lot of decorative paintings or other decorations, the overall space is already very rich, even a little crowded


It is enough to choose a solid color curtain without a pattern, and a fancy curtain pattern will appear gilding the lily and increase the sense of confusion.


2. Curtains with colored edges


The color edge will be slightly colorful, and a color edge is enough to light up the overall space, but not too bright and obtrusive.


3. Color-matching curtains


In fact, color matching is to use different color proportions to create different visual effects, it is said that the difference in pattern, more is to use color to play tricks.


Sliding blind doors that match colors up and down can visually raise the height of the room.


The gradient of shallow upper and deep lower brings a natural sense of extension, and a flowing sense of hanging without losing elegance.


Choose the two main colors of the room to splice.

Choose sliding blind doors according to style:

1. European Style


European style is more luxurious, the most standard curtains will have a luxurious curtain head, and the style generally has the design of the fringe, but now the pursuit of practicality, sometimes the curtain head simplification.


European-style curtains are generally relatively high in texture and pattern, using gorgeous satin and complex jacquard.


If you like the luxurious effect, you can use gold.


If you like the elegant effect, you can choose a light jacquard satin.


2. American


The American heritage of some European elements, but the overall more comfortable and generous, so the pattern to choose more abstract and simple large graphics, the material on cotton and linen are OK.


The exaggerated big picture pattern has high requirements for the overall collocation of the home.


Large pattern is difficult to control, you can choose the atmosphere simple solid color curtains, but also very suitable for American style.


3. Northern Europe


White, grey curtains are Nordic style, simple and fresh. At the same time, geometric graphics are also the characteristics of northern Europe, used in children’s rooms, small Windows is also the finishing touch.


It’s got all these airy grey Windows


Pink striped curtains


The whole space color is already very rich, simply use the white gauze curtain, good light transmission, the space is more transparent.


4. Modern


The modern style is mainly simple, but because of the richness of the furniture material, the modern style curtain has no fixed matching requirements, as long as it can grasp the echo relationship with the furniture color, it will certainly not be wrong.


Rolling curtains are also very suitable for modern style home collocation

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This issue of curtain selection and collocation guide, hope in hundreds of various curtains, teach you to find the most suitable curtain.

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