Soft gauze curtain also known as zebra curtain good? Soft gauze curtain several categories

Do you know anything about sidelight blinds? Do you need anything? If you’re still on the fence, join me now!

1.Different kinds of sidelight blinds

1. Manual pull rope type. 

Single loop shaft rope control system, does not need to be similar to the common shutter rope or shutter through the cord cord, to ensure that the curtain clean, beautiful, perfect. Full box top groove design, curtain fully closed, curtain all hidden in the top groove, effectively protect the curtain to avoid accidental lacing.

sidelight blinds

2. Semi-automatic spring type. 

A new flexible gauze curtain system developed on the basis of spring rolling curtain and pull bead type flexible gauze curtain, can not only use the traditional pull bead operation mode, pull the pull bead to achieve the purpose of flexible gauze curtain up and down, but also pull the lower rail of flexible gauze curtain, light pull light rely on the spring elastic force to achieve the lifting of flexible gauze curtain fabric, this system is convenient to operate and save labor, we also add the stopper design. When the rolling curtain in the process of falling, if you want to make it stop halfway, just gently pull the bead behind the soft gauze curtain will stop movement. The only disadvantage is that the height should not be too high. The spring elasticity is limited. It is generally suitable for Windows with a height of 1.5 meters and below.

3. Electric take-up. 

Electric flexible screen curtain adopts tubular motor, with 2.0mm thickness of 40 coil tube (with curtain cover type design) or 1.2mm thickness of 50 coil tube (without curtain cover type design). The control system can use external wall control switch, wireless remote control and other ways, the motor can also use the latest silent series motor, suitable for high-end office or smart home environment.

2.Maintenance and cleaning of sidelight blinds

1. Ultrasonic cleaning, make the fabric bright as new.

2. Vacuum and dust.

3. For Deep Cleaning, Use A Vacuum Cleaner With A Brush Head To Gently Vacuum. You Can Also Use A Hair Dryer (Not Set To Heat) To Remove Dust From Certain Window Finishes. When Dusting/Sterilizing, Use A Soft Cloth Or Sponge Moistened With Warm Water To Wipe The Curtains. A Mild Cleaner Can Be Added If Desired. Wipe Gently To Prevent Wrinkling Or Damaging The Fabric. Wiping Will Make The Curtains Cleaner. Steam Iron About 10 Cm Away From The Cloth Curtain Spray Ironing, Can Play A Dusting/Sterilization Effect.

sidelight blinds

3. Simple and attractive style

Unless there is a need to change the curtains frequently and change the style of the room, in terms of long-term planning, it is recommended to choose a style with simpler colors and patterns that is durable.

sidelight blinds

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