How to install curtains in sun room

Steps for installing curtains in the sun room: 1. Position and mark the line first, determine the installation position of the curtain on the ceiling of the sun room, position the line, measure the distance between the fixed holes and the size of the installation track, drill holes, embed expansion screws, and install the fixing parts; 2. Install the side channels for shades track, install the track on the hanger, and do a good job of fixing it; 3. Hang the curtain, distinguish the front and back of the curtain, there are holes punched on it, insert the curtain into the curtain track in turn, and install plugs at both ends , pull the curtain to check whether the installation is smooth.

1. Position the line first

To install side channels for shades on the sun room, you first need to determine where the curtains are installed, then mark and draw lines on the ceiling of the sun room, and determine the fixed hole distance, which must match the size of the installation track. Then drill holes in the corresponding positions and embed expansion screws to install the fixings.

side channels for shades

2. Install the curtain track

Next, install the side channels for shades rails. Some of the curtain rails are single rails, and some are double rails. The general sun room needs to achieve the effect of shading, so it is equipped with curtains with better shading performance, and it is enough to choose a single layer. Then install the curtain track on the fixture, make sure it is firm and parallel to the ground.

3. Hang curtains

Get the curtains ready, this one is the loop type and goes right through the track. However, it is necessary to distinguish the front and the back first. The hook of the curtain is installed and snapped into the ring, and a bracket should be placed on the right, so that it can be blocked by the bracket when pulling. Install plugs at both ends, and pull the curtain left and right to see if it is smooth.

What kind of curtains are better in the sun room

1. Honeycomb ceiling curtain

This kind can be installed directly in the ceiling of the sun room, which can play the role of sunshade. The reason why it is called a honeycomb is mainly because it belongs to the curtain and is a honeycomb structure with a hollow layer. The air provided inside can play the role of isolating hot air. In summer, it can block the sunlight from directly shining on the room, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation.

This kind of curtain can be designed as a pull bead type when it is pulled, and it can be pulled open manually. It can also be designed as an electric type, which can be operated with one button, which is more intelligent and convenient.

2. Hemp roller blinds

This kind of side channels for shades is also suitable for installation in the sun room, it can be used for the installation on the top, and it can also be used for the installation around it, which can play the role of sunshade. The fabric is generally hemp spun, and it is digitally printed to form beautiful patterns. Installed in the sun room, it can bring strong shading performance, and can prevent ultraviolet rays, protect the furniture in the sun room, and play the role of heat insulation and sound insulation. The styles are rich, the shapes are changeable, and the appearance is also good.

3. Fabric curtain

If you choose ordinary fabric curtains, you should choose better shading. For example, choose thick flocking or cotton and linen curtains, which can resist the sun’s rays and are suitable for the arrangement of sun room curtains.

side channels for shades

At this time, it is best to mark the knotted place with a red pen, and tie it after washing. It is more convenient to go back. Then, after removing the bottom steel bar and the thin iron bar, you can take off the Roman shade and send it for dry cleaning. Then follow the disassembly steps to reverse and install.

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