What are the repair methods for the shutter cord stuck?

One of the main benefits of blinds is that you have the flexibility to turn them so you can see through them. Shutter maintenance still is a big problem.

1.Open the slats to check the cause of the problem

1. Open the curtain from the top of the blind. Usually held in a plastic clip, it should come out easily. Pull firmly on each end to loosen the valance.

2. Lift the top of the blind mechanism from the bracket and place it on the table. Be careful not to mess with or break any cords or slats as you move the blinds.

3. Pull down the end cap from the side of the shutter closest to the lever. This is the lever you use to open and close the shutter slats.

4. Look inside and find the tilt mechanism. This is a metal rod that runs the length of the shutter. Push the lever up from the outside of the blind until you see it connect with the inside tilt mechanism.

5. Push the end cap back into place and hang the curtain on the bracket. Replace the Willis by pushing the ends until it pops into place.

shutter maintenance

2. The top of the shutter maintenance and the solution steps

1. Remove the valance and take the shutter off the bracket. Put the curtains on the table.

2. Pull down the end cap closest to the cord that pulls up and down the blind. Look inside to find the gear and grab the cord to hold the shutter in the position of your choice.

3. Spray three to four drops of oil on the gear, or spray it with lubricant. Gently push the gear with a flathead screwdriver to open and close the gear. This allows the oil to flow throughout the gear.

4. Pull up the shutter, pull on the wires, make sure the gears are now working properly. If not, add a few drops of oil and try again.

5 Put the blind back on the brackets and push the valance into place. Pull the cord toward the inside of the blinds to release the gears, then let the blinds drop to the ledge to close them. Release the connection. You’ll need something like a screwdriver tip If your tie rod is attached to the mechanism and it still doesn’t work, you may need to replace your blinds.

3. Dos and Don'ts for Shutter maintenance Problems

1. If you lubricate your gears but your shutter won’t lower, you may need to replace the gear assembly.


2. Some end caps are fixed with small screws. Unscrew the screws, take off the end cover, and fix the end cover with screws after the repair is completed.

shutter maintenance

4. How to use shutter correctly

The shutters are generally wide, with more than 100 blades, which can be adjusted automatically. They are usually divided into two types: fixed and open, and are used for outdoor shading and ventilation. We can control the level of light in the room by adjusting the angle at which the shutters are opened according to our own needs.

Pay attention when pulling down, turn the rope about 45 degrees to the right, loosen the rope, and let the blinds pull down.


Generally speaking, the maintenance of blinds requires everyone to pull and handle gently at ordinary times, so as to avoid minor failures and prolong the service life.

shutter maintenance

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