Precautions for shutter installation

The size of household shutters is mostly customized. Since there are few common sizes, the owner must write down the measurement data of size, fixed yardage and other aspects when installing windows, so as to facilitate the actual shutter installation and operation.

1. Measure the inner frame size

Firstly, make sure that the depth of the window is enough for the louver blades to move freely, and a depth of 8cm is required for fixed or flat installation; not only the width of the product blades, but also the number of layers of the installed product should be considered.

Generally, two-layer push-pull to ensure the leaf activity requires a depth of 15cm, and a single leaf requires a depth of 10cm; a depth of 10cm is required for folding installation.

shutter installation

2. Measure the frame size

Appropriate width of the outer frame: measure the width of the outer frame of the window from left to right, the widest size of the top, middle and bottom of the window

3. Fixed installation code

The installation code of the same product must be on the same horizontal line as the front, rear, top and bottom. If there is a curtain box, the section width of the curtain box must be greater than 90mm.

Push the installation code slider to the bottom, then push the louvers, rotate and straighten the louvers. When the horizontal and vertical shutters are put away, the blades must be turned to be perpendicular to the wall before being pulled up. If you want to stop, you must turn the pull rope 45 degrees to the right.

shutter installation

4.Designer's blinds collocation key points

1. Color—In terms of the color matching of shutters and home, try to choose close to the wall and match with larger furniture. For example, it is recommended to choose ivory white shutters for white or off-white walls, and gray or green for large light green cabinets. 

2. Complement each other with country style and classic style——The shutters have beautiful lines and proportions. When viewed from the side of the blades, you can see that the edges are specially made into a circular arc shape. 

This design is to soften the light beam into a more comfortable and pleasant light source without glare, which is quite suitable Use it as a French window in the living room or bedroom to show European style.

shutter installation

5. The cleaning and maintenance of the shutters should not be lazy

Compared with cloth curtains that need to be removed for washing and dry cleaning, blinds usually only need to be dusted with a squeegee. If they get dirty, they can be wiped with a damp cloth after wringing them out. Regular cleaning once a month can keep the blinds clean for a long time. Shutter installation should be considered seiouly.

shutter installation

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