How to remove bead roller blinds

Do you know how to remove the sheer blinds? Today I will show you how to remove the curtains, come and join me.


1. Pull up the roller blinds

2. Step on the ladder and climb to the upper part of the shutter window, and take off the plastic buckle.

3. Pull the entire roller shutter towards your direction and it will come out.

The pull bead roller blind mainly relies on the transmission of the head part of the upper tube to control the ups and downs of the roller blind. When operating the roller blind mechanism, you only need to pull the pull bead to drive the bead wheel to rotate. At this time, the torsion spring inside the head drives the shaft wheel and the fabric to rotate along the reel It rotates together with the support plate, so that the roller blind fabric moves up and down.

sheer blinds

2.Daily maintenance and maintenance of home curtains

1. The water temperature during cleaning is controlled below 30 degrees Celsius

Cloth curtains generally shrink after being washed with water. Do not soak for a long time in advance when cleaning the curtains. Excessive water temperature for washing curtains will cause serious shrinkage of the curtains. The water temperature during cleaning should be controlled below 30 degrees Celsius. Soaking and high temperature will make the curtains shrink seriously, and avoid using strong detergents. The international standard shrinkage rate of decorative cloth is 3%.

2. Wash Different Fabrics Separately

Cloth Curtains Are Produced With Pigments Through Different Processes. There Is A Possibility Of Slight Color Fading. Especially Red And Black With Poor Color Fastness. Therefore, When Washing, Different Fabrics Should Be Washed Separately To Avoid Mutual Dyeing.

3. Extended information

1. According to the requirements of the installation environment, the bead-type roller shutter window can be divided into two types: interior decoration and exterior decoration. The interior decoration means that the roller blind is installed inside the window frame.

The actual production size needs to be reduced by about 1 cm when measuring the actual width. Generally, on the basis of the size of the window frame, add 10 cm to the width of each side and 20 cm to the height, that is, add 20 cm to the total width to ensure that the installation position is sufficient. Specifically, the flexibility can be increased or decreased according to the actual installation environment.

2. According to the situation of the window frame on site and the customer’s requirements, choose a material-saving door width fabric and recommend it to the customer. Generally, the width of the fabric is within three meters. For windows with a width of more than three meters, you can choose to connect the middle seat, or divide it into several pieces. The larger the area, the higher the requirement for the load-bearing strength of the head.

sheer blinds

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