The difference between rolling curtains and blinds, which is suitable for home!

Rolling curtains and shutters have some similarities, so there are many people in the decoration can not distinguish them, it is because it is easy to buy wrong, what is the difference between sheer blind and shutters?

First, the difference between rolling curtains and sheer blind:

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Roller curtain is a kind of European sheer blind doors and Windows, roller curtain has a beautiful and simple appearance, mainly used in office and family window shade, especially suitable for large area glass curtain wall roller curtain. For general users and commercial use are very convenient, rolling curtain can make the indoor light soft, free from the trouble of direct sunlight, to achieve a good sunshade effect, when the rolling curtain rises its volume, and is very small, so that it is not easy to be detected, but also loved by consumers. Shutters are just a style of window, from ancient times to modern has always existed, it is basically similar to curtains, the blades are smaller, can be closed, is our TV or daily common.

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Composition: 1 Ply Fiberglass, 3 Plies PVC

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 1 Ply Fiberglass, 3 Plies PVC
Weight: 440 g/m² ±5 %
Thickness: 0.39 mm ±5 %
sheer blind

First, the difference between rolling curtains and sheer blind:

Shutters are just a style of window, from ancient times to modern has always existed, it is basically similar to curtains, the blades are smaller, can be closed, is our TV or daily common. It is not the same as the role of rolling Windows, shutters have better protection of privacy, warm in winter and cool in summer, block ultraviolet rays, and it is also a family new house soft decoration accessories, new buildings, decoration will basically be used. The fabric of the rolling curtain has a semi-blackout rolling curtain, semi-transparent sheer blind, full blackout rolling curtain series, which can be determined according to the position and use of the window. One of the important functions of the rolling shutter door is a beautiful protective device, and the completely closed rolling shutter window can prevent the glass window from being damaged by bricks and balls, and also prevent the intrusion of thieves. In terms of anti-theft, the understanding of aluminum alloy rolling window is that it can prevent the intrusion of thieves to a certain extent, and it is also more convenient for ordinary users.

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Second, what are the advantages of shutters:

The working principle of the blinds is the pull rope on the side to control the pulling up or down of the curtains, which is very convenient. No fading or discoloration occurs even after prolonged use. Shutter curtains play a certain role in the adjustment of indoor temperature, whether it is high temperature in summer and cold in winter can be reached, not only can cover the protection of privacy, the decorative effect is also very good. If the convex blade of the night toward the room, the outdoor can not reflect the shadow of the room. And the effect of blocking ultraviolet light is very good, and the indoor furniture will not be faded by ultraviolet light for a long time. Usually only need to wipe with a rag, please use neutral detergent when cleaning. Don’t worry about fading, can also be completely washed. Simple and free Angle adjustment, control the incoming light, adjust the blade Angle to control the incoming light, you can arbitrarily adjust the blade to the most suitable position.

Correct installation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect blackout shades for your home theater room, it’s important that you install them correctly to block light. Make sure that the curtains completely cover the window and that there are no gaps where light can enter. You may also consider installing a double curtain rod to add an extra layer of light blocking. With the room darkening window treatments installed correctly, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies in total darkness, as if you were in a real cinema, since the light will be completely blocked, preventing it from reflecting on your screens; You will also have more silence, privacy, and a more comfortable environment.

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