Types of shades for large windows

Today we will talk about the best shades for large windows. We have created this post with the most common doubts that arise when we have to cover large windows. Below we explain what types of blinds and shades exist, which drive would be more convenient for each case, and the best configurations to manufacture and install roller shades for large windows.

What types of blinds and shades are there?

Below we explain what types of blinds and shades we manufacture and what each of them is like. You can see photographs of each type of shade to see which option is the one you like the most.

Roller Shades for large windows

This type of shade is the most advisable and the most common. It is a tube with rolled fabric. The height can be adjusted to let in the light we need at all times and we can completely cover each window. In addition, this type of shades is ideal shades for large windows, since we can cover the window with a single piece of fabric. As for aesthetics, it is one of the types of shade that best fits, and its maintenance and cleaning are very simple. In addition, we can configure it to our liking, choosing between various types of roller shades fabrics, and opacities. Here you can see the best quality Screen fabric in our catalog, made of Fiberglass or polyester, which makes it heat resistant and thus achieves a longer useful life. We have an infinity of colors and textures, so you can configure the blinds for your home to your liking.

Below we show you some of the latest manufacturing and installations that we have carried out of shades for large windows:

Panel track blinds

This type of blinds is a composition of several pieces of fabric, placed one after another. They can be made in any of our fabrics and are very easy to maintain. Here the light is regulated by the movement of the panels to the sides, in this way, we can collect them all together. We can also choose the width of each panel, to make a perfect division of the window and that they are all the same size. So, it’s also the ideal shades for large windows.

Here are some examples:

Vertical blinds

These blinds have a very particular aesthetic and is that the composition for a window is made with several small panels of fabric. To regulate the entry of light, each small panel rotates on its own vertical axis, thus we manage to leave them completely perpendicular to the window (the most open position) or to leave them parallel to the windows (the most closed position). They can also be made with any fabric in our catalog. So, it’s also another option of shades for large windows. We show you an example below:


What type of shade are the most suitable shades for large windows?

Answering this question clearly and precisely is not possible, since they are different styles and each one can bring a different note to the decoration of our home. But if we have to recommend any of them, without a doubt, it is the roller shades, since it allows regulation of 0% -100% of the light that enters through the window. These blinds, as we have mentioned before, can be raised completely, so that the window is 100% clear, or lowered until the blind completely covers all the window glass, achieving complete insulation from the outside and being able to maintain the total privacy of each room.

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