How to remove the curtain curtain in the bathroom

The steps to disassemble the bathroom curtain roller blind are: 1. To put away the shade store blackout, you can put the curtain up through the drawstring next to the curtain so that the curtain can be rolled together; 2. Remove the screws and carefully observe the left and right ends of the curtain. Remove the screws, and the whole curtain can be removed; 3. To remove the curtain, break off the metal clips on the left and right sides of the whole curtain, and then take off the roller blind from it.

1. Put away the curtains

Most families will consider installing roller blinds above the bathroom windows, because it is relatively simple to operate and convenient to install. But if you want to remove the roller blinds in the bathroom, the first thing to do is to put the shade store blackout away. Generally, during installation, there will be a longer pull rope on the left or right side of the curtain, and the curtain can be folded or blocked by means of the pull rope. To make it easier to disassemble, you need to pull the inner cord so that the curtains can be rolled together.

shade store blackout

2. Remove the screws

The installation of the roller blind in the bathroom is divided into two steps. First install the metal clips on the left and right sides, and then clip the curtain on it. When disassembling, the curtain can be removed as a whole, including two metal clips.

Carefully observe the positions of the left and right sides of the curtain. At this time, you will see that there are two screws inside the metal clips on both sides. These two screws play a fixed role. Deepen the screwdriver into it and slowly disassemble it in an inclined manner. As long as the screws on both sides are removed, the entire curtain will be removed.

3. Remove the curtains

But after the overall curtain is removed, the metal clips on the left and right sides are still connected to the curtain rod. Therefore, it is necessary to break the metal clips on both sides by hand, so that the roller blind in the middle can be easily taken down, thus completing all the dismantling work of the bathroom roller blind.

What should be paid attention to when disassembling the bathroom roller blind?

1. The position of the screw

Because the metal card is installed first, and then the curtain rod is installed; so from the surface, only the curtain rod on the surface can be seen, but the screws inside cannot be seen, and it can only be disassembled in a tilted way. , to slowly remove the screws.

2. The order of disassembly

If it is considered to remove the roller blind shaft first, and then disassemble the metal card, although it is also possible, but because the roller shutter shaft may fall off during the demolition, the metal card and the roller blind can be removed together. Then separate it.

3. Security issues

After all, the roller blind installed on the bathroom is also on the top of the window, so safety issues cannot be ignored when disassembling. If two people can work together, the effect may be better. If not, you need to use a ladder to disassemble slowly under safe conditions.

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