shade solar screen

Shade Solar Screen

At UNITEC Textile, we offer a great selection of polyester shade solar screen fabric that comes in many different colors, patterns, and textures to suit your specific needs. Our solar screen fabric not only delivers numerous benefits including protection from the sun’s harmful rays, energy conservation, light filtering which reduces heat and glare, aesthetics, protection from sun damage to interior content, and interior privacy; it also allows you to be able to enjoy your patio more during the day and lets you rest peacefully inside your home after the sun goes down at night.

What is Shade Solar Screen?

Solar screens shade were once limited to blocking UV light and heat, but now offer added benefits such as privacy, aesthetics, and protection from sun damage to interior content. If you’re thinking about solar screen shade for your home or office windows but aren’t sure which option would be best for you, then keep reading! This guide will walk you through what solar screen fabrics are made of and which types of screen fabrics are most commonly used. You’ll also learn about how solar shades can protect against outdoor heat, cool down a hot room on a hot day, and add some style to your home or office.

Where can I purchase Shade Solar Screen?

The shade solar screen fabrics available at UNITEC Textile are priced competitively. The product is manufactured in a plant in Zhejiang Province and offers a variety of benefits which include protection from harmful UV rays, energy conservation, light filtering which reduces heat and glare, aesthetics, and privacy. Because there is no glue required to install our solar screen shade customers can purchase solar screen rolls that are custom-sized and designed to fit almost any window size or shape. Contact us today to learn more about our various products and their associated benefits!

Want to know more collection of our shade solar screen fabric?

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How does it work?

Polyester shade solar screen works by reflecting solar energy, maintaining a cooler interior temperature, and reducing harmful UV rays which can fade interiors. It also protects from sun damage to furniture and flooring, reduces heating costs, eliminates harsh sunlight from entering your home, and keeps out prying eyes. By blocking up to 90% of sunlight polyester shade solar screen brings your family comfort in any climate. We offer custom-cut polyester solar screen or order standard sizes for easy installation. If you need assistance or just want to learn more about our polyester solar screen fabric please contact one of our specialists by phone at +86-21-50102812 or email today!

What are the advantages?

The functional aspects of shading and privacy benefits of solar screen shade in addition to its environmental responsibility contribute to shades screens capability for protecting interior contents from sun damage. The protection afforded by shade solar screen can be as important for your investment or home’s interior as a whole. Yet, shade screens ability to protect walls, floors, furnishings, and textiles against destructive UV rays is just one reason why they are found on so many windows today. Over 1 million homes across America are covered with Shade solar screen fabrics providing lasting value. When installed correctly they do not need replacing often and when they do, it is cheaper than replacement windows; plus you will experience significant energy savings!

A Word From Our Customers...

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UNITEC Textile has been our supplier of fabric for shade solar screens and roller shades for many years. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and focused on providing outstanding customer service! They have done a great job introducing new product lines to meet our needs. And, when we had a problem with a shade or fabric, they always took care of it promptly. In addition to great products at competitive prices and responsive customer service, UNITEC Textile is also proactive in helping us find new ways to save energy and money. – Marsha B. Chappell, Owner – All Decorations Materials INC.

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