Do you choose screens or roller blinds?

Is it better to choose a screen or a roller blind? When you’re looking for new sun protection products, it’s useful to know exactly how they differ and what they offer. For example, both screens and roller blinds have their own advantages. In this blog, we list the differences and advantages so you can make an informed choice.

What is a screen?

With screens, you can make sure your home stays cool on hot and sunny days. For the screen, the rails are mounted on either side of the window so the fabric slides vertically down between the rails. You have two different types of screens: standard or zippered. The zippered screen has no gaps between the fabric and the rail, making it windproof and minimizing the risk of fabric tearing.

screens or roller blinds

Why choose screen?

The screen filters light and heat. The fabric reflects the sun’s rays so the windows don’t get hot and the house stays cool. Also, it prevents looking in, but you can look out during the day. Note that at night, the opposite is true! Then you look from the outside towards the bright side so the outline of the house can be seen.


Advantages and disadvantages of the screen

  • Advantage:

+ sun protection

+ Preserves the interior vision so you can see the exterior from the interior

+ Available in many different colors so there is always one that matches perfectly

+ small footprint

  • Shortcoming:

– not insulated

– not anti-theft

What is a roller blind?

  • Roller shades block out the sun in the summer and protect your home from the heat, and in the winter they act as extra insulation to keep the heat inside. The horizontal slats act as a strong closed armor, allowing the doors and windows to be completely closed. This makes it harder for burglars to get in. Roller blinds can also be used to create total darkness at any time of the day. Therefore, roller blinds are highly recommended for those who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day. Since the slats are equipped with an aluminum outer layer with foam inside, sound vibrations are absorbed and the roller blind dampens external noise.

screens or roller blinds

Why choose a rolling door?

Roller blinds are a versatile sun protection device with many advantages. For example, they provide sun protection, insulation, anti-theft, sound insulation, and can completely darken a room. So are you looking for an awning with these properties? Then roller blinds are the product for you!


Advantages and disadvantages of roller blinds


+ sun protection

+ insulation (sound and temperature)

+ anti-theft

+ Protection from weather effects

+ Privacy, closing the interior from the outside

+ Darken the room (any time of day)


– No View From The Inside Out

Electric blinds and screens

  • Roller blinds and screens are powered as standard and come with motors. This allows you to easily operate the roller blind or screen using a remote control or an app.

    Whether you choose a screen or a roller blind depends on your wishes. Do you want an awning to keep the sun out, but you still want to see outside? Then the screen is a great solution. Do you want complete protection from the sun and want sun protection with anti-theft properties? Then you’d better choose roller blinds.

    Still not sure which is the best option for you, or do you need more advice on screens and blinds? Feel free to contact us, our product experts will be happy to advise you on sun protection.

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