Screen fabrics for roller blinds: characteristics and advantages

Roller blinds provide a practical and extremely efficient system for shielding light from the windows of your home or office. In order for a roller blind to perform these functions effectively, its fabric must be made in a suitable manner, as well as installed correctly. The end result is a curtain that descends perfectly parallel to the window, thanks to the aluminum terminations that act as counterweights to the fabric located at the lower edge.

Screen fabrics

Filter roller shutter

Let’s look at the fabric again. The “screen” used for the filter roller blind is Class I fire resistant, washable and antibacterial fabric. It has a perforated texture that allows you to see outside and vice versa. This feature makes it perfect for an office or living room, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to take a look outside.

Screen fabrics

Screen fabrics are made of interlaced yarns with a void content ranging from 0.5% to 10%, depending on the distance between one yarn and the other.

The lower the value, the less light there is and the better the shading effect. On the other hand, the higher the percentage of void, the higher the visibility to the outside.

Screen fabrics

UNITEC has various types of screen fabrics:

  • 3% environmental protection,

    3% and 5% for Standard Edition and Color Edition, respectively,

    6% PVC Free

    10% A variety of models to meet the diverse needs of users, while taking into account the balance between various factors: privacy, sunshade, furniture and external visibility.

Screen fabrics from 0.5% to 3%

  • In 0.5% mesh fabrics, the yarns are tightly woven together. This fabric, along with the 1%, 2% and 3% models, is the best at reducing heat thanks to its ability to block UV rays without blocking light. Furthermore, it screens the visibility from the outside to the inside, guaranteeing excellent privacy even at night when the interior lights are on.

Screen Cloth 1%

The 1% screen fabric is very similar to the 0.5% model, with a slightly higher natural void content. Also in this case it is a soft fabric but at the same time it is consistent and durable considering the 0.8mm thickness.

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