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Solar protection is a standard element of modern building design. With the right kind of solar protection, energy is saved and at the same time living comfort is improved. The best result in terms of all the benefits of sunscreen is achieved with a screen awning placed on the outside, preferably powered by automation.The placement of the sunscreen, the operating mechanism and the choice of fabric have a lot to do with how much the protection counteracts heat / glare / visibility.
In this article, we will open up the features of screen blinds fabric, and we will try to make it easier to choose the right kind of screen blinds fabric to suit your destination. 

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OPTICAL FACTORS – OF % of fabric

OF % is the “openness” of the fabric as a percentage. E.g. for darkening and covering fabrics, the VALUE OF is 0%, since you cannot see through them at all.

A feature of screen blinds fabric is precisely the mesh-likeness of the fabric, thanks to which you can still see through the fabric.
The bigger the OF value, the better you can see through the fabric – and the more solar energy is also transferred through the fabric.


According to numerous studies, an office exposed from 25 ° C to a temperature of 30 ° C leads to a 2% decrease in productivity.
This figure can be up to 10% when the temperature exceeds 30 ° C. External blinds provide better protection than internal blinds, since solar radiation that is partially absorbed (As) into the screen blinds fabric before reaching the glass is outside the glass and therefore does not heat the interior.

Outdoors, dark colors protect better against heat than light colors because they absorb more solar energy (lower Ts).

Accordingly, light colors are more effective in the interior. They absorb less heat (lower As) and reflect more (R) than dark colors.

Indoors, the most effective heat repeller is the densest screen blinds fabric; blacking thick screen blinds fabric that prevent the transfer of thermal radiation to interior textiles and surfaces.

Screen blinds fabric when installed inside works weakly against heat. The heat is already inside the glass, and at this stage it is only possible to influence how much light is allowed to seep into the surfaces. Of course, the dense screen blinds fabric helps to keep the interior cool in the same proportions as it shades – > heat is not absorbed into the textiles and surfaces of the interior – > the heating efficiency of sunlight decreases.

Blackout sturdy fabrics are the most insulating.

Thick and covering fabrics also insulate best in winter against heat loss through windows.

Gtot – The total throughput ratio of solar energy in combination with window glass.

Gtot = A percentage of the sun’s energy that actually penetrates the room through curtains and glasses. A small value means good thermal performance.

screen fabric


Dark colors provide better transparency and are more effective at preventing glare. Indoors, dark colors absorb more heat and can warm the interior. If warming up the interior is a problem, then it is worth choosing a lighter fabric for the interior. – But not necessarily quite white due to the reflectivity of the white color (may reflect light with dazzling intensity).

An excellent interior screen blinds fabric in terms of its properties is Soltis screen color 2051: whitish outward, silver inside; whitish reflects heat and glare well outwards, and gray fabric when viewed from the inside does not dazzle so much + visibility outside is better than from white.  Screen blinds fabric contribute to glare indoors, but they are no longer capable of heat control inside the glass. So, when installed inside, the purpose of the screen shutter should be, above all, glare and visual protection. When looking for visual protection, a light and dense screen blinds fabric is the best choice in terms of its properties. You can always see through the screen blinds fabric to the brighter side, and the bigger of%, the more you can see through the fabric (in addition, dark fabrics have better visibility).

During darkness, you can also see the inside of the fabric if there are bright lights inside and there are no other curtains in between.

The dense and light fabric contributes to the function of visual protection, but without helping, you can always see at least the figures on the brighter side from the fabric.


Natural light is an important factor for well-being . Thus, it must be properly managed to avoid glare , which is a harmful cause of eye injuries and incidents.

In homes and other properties, it should be possible to regulate natural light so that sunscreens help prevent glare and heat during the day to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature and lighting. On the other hand, the bright nights in Finland also require darkening of the screen blinds fabric, and winters require additional insulation. So there is a need for a wide variety of sunscreens.
External screen awnings can be implemented for the windows, and roller blinds for the inside. This best serves the uses, saves energy and increases living comfort.

In working conditions such as offices, not only the right temperature, but also visual comfort ensures the work efficiency of employees. A suitable supply of natural light has been proven to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Screen blinds fabric, when chosen correctly, contribute to both thermoregulation and the amount of natural light. Especially in offices, balconies, etc. you want a glare shield, but the view outside should be maintained. With a screen canvas, this is possible. If you want to completely remove natural light from the space, you should choose 100% blackout roller blind screen blinds fabric, and if necessary, equip the roller blind with cassettes and side canals that minimize the light emitted from the side of the curtain

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