What kind of curtains are used on the first floor of the villa? Villa pick high living room curtain how to do?

Now many villas are high on the first floor of the living room, and the height of the height of 4 meters -6 meters, the curtain is necessary to choose rv blinds. So what kind of curtain does the first floor of the villa use? What are the details of how to do that?

1.How to deal with splicing marks of rv blinds splicing?

1.Gauze cloth should be selected as far as possible to have a certain horizontal or longitudinal pattern, can reduce the feeling of discomfort after stitching. 

2. If the pattern and pattern are segmented, it must be spliced in proportion when stitching. 

3. If the stitching is not much, you can make a larger flower head, the seam hidden under the flower head. 

4. Now there is a new method to try: stitching the top and bottom of the fabric so that it looks natural and feels like a specific style.

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First, there’s the light factor. The selection of curtain size curtain area to be able to cover the window will play a good shading effect. In summer, when the light is strong, in the bedroom, choose a strong shading curtain fabric can ensure a good sleep. In the living room and dining room, you can choose thin fabric with good light transmission. The second is to prevent noise: the noise outside the window needs to be blocked by curtains. If you want to get better sound absorption effect, generally speaking, the thicker the curtain its sound absorption is stronger, such as flannelette, cotton, hemp and other texture of the rv blinds.

2.What kind of rv blinds are suitable for the bedroom

Some height and width of the villa high window are very long, the curtain can not be pulled very well, if you want to convenient to often pull the curtain, it is recommended to install electric track. Villa high window curtains, in addition to functional, decorative is also particularly important. Is the so-called good horse with good saddle, villa curtain with a high-end atmosphere of window curtain is essential. 

Because The Curtain Is High And Wide, And The Fabric Door Width Is Generally 2.8 Meters, Whether It Is Fixed Height Or Fixed Width May Need To Be Spliced. The Longer The Curtain, The More Delicate The Stitching Work. 

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Or Because Of The “Tall”, The Installation Of Curtains And Disassembly And Washing Are More Difficult Than Ordinary Curtains, Some To Scaffolding Or Even Use Forklift To Install. In Order To Increase The Ornamental, Many Villa Windows Above Are Designed Into The Arc, So Both Atmosphere, But Also Beautiful. 

]When We Make Curtains, We Can Design The Curtain Head According To The Arc, But We Can Also Use The Curtain Body Directly Over The Arc Without The Curtain Head.

3. Choose fabric or gauze curtains

Generally, cloth curtains have a variety of colors and patterns, and the price is relatively affordable. In fact, they are a great tool for creating an atmosphere in children’s rooms. The disadvantage is that the material is easy to accumulate dust. If parents are willing to clean it diligently, it is an ideal option.

Based on safety, it can be equipped with a cordless ring, a hand dial track, or a curtain rod plus a curtain ring or curtain clip, and the curtain can be adjusted directly by hand.

4.Simple and attractive style of rv blinds

Unless there is a need to change the curtains frequently and change the style of the room, in terms of long-term planning, it is recommended to choose a style with simpler colors and patterns that is durable.

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