Room divider curtain ideas

Room divider curtain

One of the most versatile and practical ways to differentiate various spaces in a house is the use of the room divider curtain. Multiplying the uses of space is already possible with this method that creates multifunctional spaces. The room divider curtain can be used in houses of all sizes and with different purposes of use.

It is not necessary for the curtains to cross and divide the entire room. All you have to do is mark the limit by placing it in the right place. To choose the perfect room divider curtain, we have to take into account the natural light of the room and the penetration between the different environments. Nor should we forget the style of the existing decoration. What you have to achieve is that the new curtains fit as one more piece of the house.

Room divider curtain and squeeze the space in your home

Gone are the homes of the infinity of square meters of our parents and grandparents. The current trend is to build 40m² houses that look like the real Tetris game. For some years now, open or “multifunctional” spaces in a house where the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room share the same space within the house have been very fashionable. We would be talking about the well-known “loft” that consists of open space with few divisions and great luminosity.

From the need to make the most of every corner of the home, the idea of ​​using a room divider curtain was born. If the fact of decorating a house is already a great challenge, getting two or more rooms to coexist in several spaces and that they also combine with each other, is a challenge for its inhabitants.

Depending on the effect we want to achieve, we must use different curtain materials to separate rooms: to isolate and achieve intimacy between rooms, it is advisable to use blackout curtains or with thick fabrics; If, on the other hand, we want to provide light and continuity in two rooms, we must use translucent fabrics.

You can convert a house with a single space into a variety of different micro-spaces, delimiting them with one of these ideas for room divider curtain: traditional curtains ideal to give the room a warm and pleasant atmosphere or Japanese panels to give a modern and current to your home. In this way, your house will enjoy independence and will free itself from that feeling of overwhelm by having so many rooms in so few square meters.

Room divider curtain to create intimate settings

But we can not only use room divider curtain in small houses. Sometimes when the rooms are too big they help to make the most of the space, dividing the space according to its different uses. It separates two areas in the dining room, leaving aside the television and the sofa in the area most dedicated to leisure and relaxation. On the other, the eating area with the table and chairs. Create a more intimate and quiet space by using curtains to create reading spaces within a living room.

In large bedrooms, it is very common to have a place for an office. Many times separating these spaces help us to disconnect better within the same room. In these cases, it is also a good idea to use a room divider curtain. In a simple and creative way, they will be able to separate work from the rest.

The bathrooms are also another of the favorite places in the house where two well-differentiated spaces provide comfort and style. One way could be by separating the shower area from the rest of the room. Not very blackout curtains convey serenity and calm. They are ideal for a good relaxing bath accompanied by mineral salts or aromas.

The room divider curtain from sheers bring a modern and casual touch to the room and ensure that not a ray of light is lost thanks to their fabric. When playing with a large space, the use of colored curtains is allowed, since it manages to give the room personality and privacy, without making it overwhelming.

Reinvent yourself or die

This is the philosophy that any decorator should pursue. Therefore, betting on the use of room divider curtain can be a good asset to innovate. It is not necessary to carry out major reforms in your home. One of the most significant advantages is that they allow separating several areas without having to resort to reforms. These reforms are often cumbersome and heavy, as well as expensive. In some, you will even have to build walls or partitions.

Redistribute the spaces in your house by dividing the rooms into independent zones or complementing one another. The room divider curtain is a simple and elegant way to decorate the space. Also to ensure that the whole maintains a correct harmony.

The options for choosing a room divider curtain are endless: colors, shapes, patterns, width, length. Combining this series of characteristics you can achieve a house with a great personality as well as function. Room divider curtain is ideal for houses with space problems. In these, it is intended to take advantage of the last available square meter. Also for spacious houses that want to achieve a “loft” effect, with large open spaces.

Have you used the room divider curtain to separate spaces in the decoration of your house? Tell us what techniques you have used. Do it in the comment section. We are sure to learn a lot about your good taste in decorating.

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