Curtain color collocation formula|How to choose curtain color

Each family will be compared with other families, if you go to other people’s homes to play, see other people’s home room darkening blind are very good, return home to see their own home curtains, instantly feel very ugly feeling, the following will give you a detailed introduction to the curtain color matching formula curtain color how to choose.

Room darkening blind color matching tips:

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Curtain color matching formula blue + white = warmth, blue + orange = modern, natural yellow + green = natural.

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1. Blue + white: Warmth

Blue gives people a calm and noble feeling, the history of jazz, by the infatuated people think of “blues.” Not all the gem blue, but the finishing touch, really activate the life, so that the kitchen life has a dynamic, and the blue tone helps to create a peaceful atmosphere, the kitchen decorated with blue effect is better. According to color psychology, seeing more blue will make people emotionally stable and think more rationally. The cool and flawless white makes people feel very free and broadminded, and the living space seems to be as open and comfortable as the nature of the sea and sky.

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2. Blue + Orange: Modern

The combination of colors based on blue and orange reflects the intersection of modern and traditional, ancient and modern, and creates a visual feeling of both realistic and retro flavor. These two colors can give space a new life. The surface layer of the resin is made of a glue, also known as a polymer material, which is a large classification. This type is very waterproof, and moisture does not penetrate into the walls, it is isolated and waterproof, is now a popular living room wallpaper.

3. Natural yellow + green: natural

Light yellow is a fresh, tender color that represents the joy of new life. Fruit green is a calm tone that can neutralize the light feeling of yellow, and this color matching method is very suitable for young couples.

How to choose the room darkening blind color:

1. The choice of general curtain color can be selected according to the different functions of the room, the bedroom curtain can choose a dark curtain with a light avoidance effect, which can protect the privacy of the home owner and help sleep.

2. Relative to the privacy of the bedroom, the open nature of the living room is not as strict as the requirements of the bedroom curtains, the choice of living room curtains is more to do some embellishing for home decoration. In the modern style decoration, the color and style of the living room curtain should be matched with the fabric sofa in the living room, using hemp or polyester cotton fabric.

Create a cozy atmosphere

In addition to adding the perfect light-blocking curtains and room darkening window treatments, there are other details you can add to create a cozy, authentic home theater atmosphere. For example, you can place cushions and soft blankets on the seats for added comfort. You can also add a popcorn machine, or your favorite food or sweets to enjoy a snack while you watch the movie. And don’t forget to adjust the lighting to create a more intimate and relaxing environment.

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After reading the above text introduction, I believe you have a detailed understanding of how to choose the curtain color with the curtain color formula, to know that if the curtain color is matched, it can play a finishing role, including when buying room darkening blind, what color to choose, it needs to correspond to the decoration of the home. Of course, the most important point is which color you like, and which color you can buy.

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