Is it better to choose black blackout cloth or white for curtains? What is the difference in the blackout effect of the two?

Blackout curtains are based on roman shades for doors with opaque or thickened fabrics, so as to achieve basic control of light and achieve a shading effect. It can meet the basic requirements of some places.

Curtains choose black blackout cloth or white

1. Coated shading cloth: Dyeing and coating ordinary fabrics to achieve shading effect. The coating generally includes silver coating, flocking, etc. This kind of fabric has two or more layers; 

2. Weaving shading Cloth: The fabric that directly achieves the function of shading through the weaving method. Its method is to weave a layer of black silk in the middle of the cloth during weaving through the weaving method to achieve the shading effect. After finishing, it can be subdivided into the following types: 

roman shades for doors

3. Flame retardant shading cloth: shading cloth with flame retardant function, divided into fiber flame retardant shading cloth and finishing flame retardant shading cloth 

4. Embossed shading cloth: shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed and flame retardant finished, through special Press the equipment to present various pattern effects, and then make embossed shading cloth. 

5. Printed shading cloth: the shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed and flame-retardant finished, and the dye is fixed on the cloth surface by transfer printing or paint printing. 

6. Jacquard shading cloth: weaving various patterns through organizational design to present various pattern effects and shading fabrics;

Is the wall insulation better indoors or outdoors? Is there any difference between the two?

The advantages of external thermal insulation: good thermal insulation effect, does not occupy indoor space. Disadvantages of external insulation: high cost, difficult construction. The wall is greatly affected by the outdoor climate, and the temperature difference between day and night and winter and summer is large, which may easily cause the wall to crack.

What curtains have good shading effect, and what are the tips for choosing shading curtains

We all know that there are many kinds of fabrics for roman shades for doors, but you have to consider many aspects when choosing. In addition to choosing good-looking, there are also some other functions that should be considered. At the same time, you must also choose fabrics that are easy to clean. 

1. Cotton or hemp is generally used in the bedroom. 

These two materials are also commonly used. This kind of fabric is relatively easy to clean, so it is more suitable for use in the bedroom. 

2. The choice of curtains in the living room is different. You must choose the ones that are more decorative, or they will not affect the overall style, so which kind of gauze curtains should you choose? Very classy, so it is more suitable for use in the living room and balcony.

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