You also need to experience exotic customs at home ~ I will report to you the purchase guide of all kinds of Nordic curtains! !

Nordic style is sweeping the world, has your home also been decorated with Nordic style? Today, the editor will bring a series of purchasing guides for roman blind curtain, and teach you how to choose the most suitable Nordic curtains for you! After reading today’s teaching, let’s create the most minimalist home space together.

Pay attention to practical Nordic curtain style

When it comes to Nordic style, the first impressions that come to mind are minimalism, refreshing, bright and affordable. That is because most of the Nordic attitude towards life is based on pragmatism, and advocates eliminating exaggerated and unrealistic related designs, so that People can get the maximum use of space when using Nordic style objects.

grey roman shades blackout

The Nordic style is used to applying a large area of monochrome to the entire space, focusing on the overall sense of the home space, and also likes to use black, white, gray and natural colors, such as earth colors, rock colors, trees, etc.

Curtains are a very important part of furniture. Choosing good curtains will make the whole space more simple and comfortable. It is one of the important elements to create a dream Nordic life! Different from the traditional European-style curtains, it pays more attention to the overall collocation, and emphasizes subtraction rather than addition, showing a completely different attitude towards life between Nordic curtains and European-style curtains.

Choose one of Nordic classic curtains

roman curtains
Thin body, saving space
Variety of materials, comfortable touch
Simple style, easy to match

If you want to install Nordic style curtains, Roman curtains are a very good choice! The advantage of Roman curtains is that the selection of styles is very diverse, so it can easily match the design of other Nordic style furniture, and the advantage of roman blind curtain is that they are very small in size, which is very in line with the minimalist needs of Nordic style, and will not take up too much living space .
Roman blinds can also adjust the height by themselves, and then adjust the light angle and lighting range, and the lighting performance is very good. If the above-mentioned ones meet your needs for your home environment, then Roman blinds are a very good type.

zebra dual shades

Cloth curtain
Multi-layer design, effectively maintain the indoor temperature
Light-transmitting layer matching, strong light filtering
Good ventilation effect, keep the environment dry

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