How to clean the curtain to teach you the correct cleaning tips

Rolling shades are commonly used in office places, and some families will also install fashionable rolling curtains. So how do you clean the curtains properly? I’ll tell you.

Cleaning methods of rolling curtains:

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The design structure of the rolling shades is generally more difficult to disassemble, so it must be cleaned up after disassembly, and it is best to set a period of disassembly and thorough cleaning.

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rolling shades

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rolling shades

Cleaning methods of rolling shades:

For ordinary bead roller curtain removal, generally first receive the roller curtain in the rotating shaft, and then open the upper beam on the left side of the dismantling of the small bay, remove the upper and lower beams of the roller curtain, spread flat on the ground, cleaning can be poured with detergent water, soak for a few minutes, clean with a soft brush and cotton cloth, and finally wash with water, remember not to fold. Place in a ventilated place to dry, do not expose. In order to keep the curtain clean for a long time, you can spray some polish agent appropriately.

rolling shades

What is a rolling shades?

Rolling curtains are also called rolling curtains, which are different from the curtains that open and close left and right. The principle is that the whole curtain is rolled up and down by the coil tube. It is a kind of curtain that is widely used in modern times, and is more common in offices, banks, schools and other places.

Maintenance of rolling shades:

1. If the curtain is not used for a long time, it will easily cause dust accumulation, affecting the beauty of the curtain, so usually pull the curtain.

2. In daily use, should be strictly in accordance with the use of the curtain to operate, can not be pulled, so as not to damage the curtain.

What are the advantages of rolling shades?

High quality rolling curtains can be sunshade, sound insulation, safety, convenience equal to one. It is generally divided into manual and automatic two, if necessary, can also be used with manual lock, as long as you lock inside, the curtain will be difficult to open from the outside; Different from the curtain, if the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a good sound insulation effect. Although it can not be 100% sound insulation, it can solve many problems; From the point of view of shading, the rolling curtain is not as good as the heavy cloth curtain. However, if a PVC roller curtain is used, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good. Under normal circumstances, the roller curtain is more suitable for use in the bedroom, especially the child’s room. Because the pattern of the roller curtain is more active, it is not easy to be pulled by the child.

rolling shades

It can be seen that the curtain has the advantages of sunshade, sound insulation, safety, convenience, etc. If you want to clean the curtain, you need to look at the material, such as the aluminum alloy curtain in the state of cleaning without disassembly, only need to simple clean the dust on the surface of the curtain.

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