What are the different types of rolling screens? Advantages of rolling screen Windows

To tell you is rolling screen Windows, you want to know what the advantages of rolling screen have been different types of what, just look at the following article with me.

Introduction to the types of rolling screen:

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1) Diamond screen window

1.Diamond screen window is now the best anti-theft effect of a kind of anti-theft screen, and the price is more reasonable.

2.Diamond mesh is a new type of high-end household profiles on the market, suitable for assembly on relatively novel high-end doors and Windows, to meet the needs of high-end customers.

3.Can not only play the effect of insect prevention can also play the role of anti-theft protection, and does not affect the beauty, diamond mesh window screen and existing doors and Windows organic composite into one, with high strength, simple and powerful, shear resistance, anti-impact and other high-quality performance.

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rolling screen Windows

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rolling screen Windows

Magnetic anti-theft window screen:

1.The magnetic anti-theft screen is fixed on the four sides of the window frame, and is combined by two corresponding magnetic strips.

2.The magnetic anti-theft screen is composed of the surrounding frame and window grid, the corresponding side of the window frame is provided with an installation slot, and the corresponding window frame is provided with an installation mouth, and one end of the window grid is inserted into the installation slot through the installation mouth. 

3.So that the window frame and window grating form a whole. The window bars can be removed (locked) and the height of the bars can be changed or set at will, fully open or partially open.

rolling screen Windows

The advantages of rolling screen Windows:

1.The window is the main channel of daytime lighting, it saves the energy required for light lighting, but also the human line of sight and nature contact channel.

2. It also brings a lot of trouble, for example, in winter, especially in the northern areas, it will be valuable indoor heat lost to the outdoor.

3. In the summer and the excess heat transferred to the room, so that people need to use a lot of electricity (air conditioning, etc.) to balance the temperature of the room.

4. Under normal circumstances, people want to have a quiet room, especially near the street, highway room. 

rolling screen Windows

5. The use of completely closed, installed in the window outside the window can greatly improve the sound insulation effect of the window, through research people found that the greater the distance between the window and the window, the better the noise reduction effect.

6. The closed curtain window itself can reduce the noise of 18dB, if combined with the thermal glass window (4/12/4mm), you can obtain 37dB comprehensive mosquito prevention.

rolling screen Windows

7. All the year round mosquitoes can not be less, no matter how high your floor is, it can be omnipresent, rolling curtain invisible window screen can effectively prevent mosquitoes.
8. For the home wind: strong wind blowing indoors will not only cause property damage but also affect human health, a good roll-type invisible window screen can block the wind, and itself will not be damaged.
9. Quiet anti-glare: When living in a high floor, the relationship is also strong, which is very unfavorable to the safety of the family, the rolling curtain invisible window screen can protect the family from the erosion of the sun, so that the home can live in a more suitable light environment.

Now do you have any questions? The article I just read together with me introduces the advantages of our rolling screen, such as rolling screen can block the mosquito bites outside, as well as the mute effect, and what are the different types of our screen. Then you still have decoration do not understand the problem, continue to pay attention to our website, there is more information!

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