Advantages of rolling curtains

Curtains can well block the sun, protect privacy, now there are many kinds of curtains on the market, such as Roman curtains, rolling curtains, today to introduce you to the advantages of rolling curtains.

1.Sound insulation effect is good

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The main function of rolling curtains is shading, sound insulation, radiation protection, the common market is divided into manual rolling curtains and automatic rolling curtains, and the commonly used fabric curtains are different. The connection between the high-quality roller curtain and the window is better, which can play a good sound insulation effect. Although it can not be 100% sound insulation, it can solve many problems, it is recommended to buy a PVC roller curtain, which has a better UV protection effect.

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rolling curtains

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rolling curtains

2.Provincial square of rolling curtains

This kind of curtain has another advantage, that is, the curtain is very provincial, when we can pull it down, when not in use, we can roll the curtain, very convenient, not like other curtains also occupy our window space.

rolling curtains

3.Rich design

The roller curtain is relatively suitable for use in children’s bedroom, because its design is rich and colorful, the choice is bigger, and also cannot be easily torn by the child, it is appropriate to put it in the children’s room.

The rolling curtains should pay attention to the following points:

1. The tightness of the closure of the rolling plate; 

2. The tightness of the contact part between the shutter plate and the shutter cover; 

3. Tightness at the guide rail; 

4. The tightness of the combination of guide rail and wall; 

What are the benefits of a sunshade roll:

1.The insulation effect is good: at this time, a strong air insulation layer is formed between the glass window and the rolling window, a hollow insulation glass window if installed with the rolling window, can effectively block the indoor and outdoor cold and hot air exchange, to achieve thermal insulation function, energy saving effect of up to 40% and the same room temperature difference of not installed rolling window ±3-4℃.

2.Sound insulation effect is good: the outer sunshade window material noise coefficient is large, effectively reduce noise pollution, completely closed the form can reduce 18dB noise. Effectively reduce the noise to your interference, in such a quiet, sweet night, you will enter the sweet sleep faster. After closing the curtain window, the unique air vent design of “breathing” ensures the freshness of the indoor air, and can also block the curious eyes outside the window to enjoy the free life.

rolling curtains

No matter what kind of sunshade rolling curtain, the rolling curtain is composed of various machine structure accessories and sunshade fabric combination, of which sunshade fabric is mainly divided into glass fiber fabric and polyester fabric, choose the suitable sunshade rolling curtain can be.

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