How to choose roller shutters?

Roller shutters are often forgotten and only noticed when they work or make a sound. But keep in mind that if you choose the wrong roller blind, it won’t fit anywhere in the room, not only will it ruin the aesthetics, but it will also affect your mood.

Types of roller shutters

There are different models of external roller shutters. When choosing the blinds to install in your home, you must first know the different types that exist:


roller shutters

When you are looking for roller shutters you have several options. The difference between them lies mainly in the type of material and the drive mechanism, whether it is manual or mechanical. They can also be made to your measurements, so that they can look perfect at home.

Choice of roller shutters: aluminum or PVC

  • Roller shutters are known to have a series of interconnected slats that run alongside rails and are coiled on shafts in boxes mounted on top of the window. When choosing roller shutters, the most important thing is the material from which they are made.

Roller shutters can be aluminum or PVC, and aluminum shutters are more durable than PVC shutters. If you think your blinds will be installed outdoors and will have to withstand the worst weather conditions, then it’s better to invest a little more and opt for aluminum roller shutters.

  • Aluminum shutters and PVC shutters come in different colors, with white and ivory being the most common. For aluminum roller shutters, there are many colors to choose from.


roller shutters

10 tips for choosing the material for your roller shutters

  • If you choose the PVC shutters option:


1. It is economical since saving is important to become the cheapest.

2 .Protect yourself from the sun. One of the most important functions of a roller blind is its ability to block out the sun and darken a given space. The PVC films prevent light from entering.

3. If you need to replace a slat, the price per unit is cheaper than aluminum roller shutters.

4. The plastic roller shutters can be adjusted to the size of any window.

5. There are all sorts of colors.

  • If you choose the aluminum shutters:

1. They are more durable: the most important reason for choosing an aluminum roller shutter is undoubtedly its high quality, especially in places with large temperature fluctuations.

2. They are light: this is another characteristic, because thanks to the polyurethane foam filling, almost all the weight is borne by aluminum, known for its lightness.

3. It is recommended that the aluminum shutters on large windows. The use of windows or windows with doors is already easier to handle.

4. For motorization, it is advisable to do this with an aluminum roller shutter since aluminum is preferable for its strength.

5. The color and size of PVC roller shutters and aluminum shutters are similar.

How to choose wooden shutters for your house

The best thing about the wooden shutters is that they always fashionable and durable. Versatile, elegant, and easy to use, they allow the incidence of light to be graduated thanks to the position of their slats. They are among the various models of roller shutters also available in aluminum and PVC.

Wood is strong and insulating, but it’s not a material that’s right for every room in the home. For example, they are not suitable for a bathroom or kitchen, i.e., places where moisture or vapors can occur. But they are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms.

They fit very well in all types of spaces and styles that opt ​​for wood. For example, in a rustic style, in summer or in a Mediterranean decoration. Also in oriental style, or in the most modern and contemporary homes.

roller shutters

What models of wooden shutters are there?

  • The wooden shutters are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, not only in shades of brown, and fit into any home.

    They are manufactured in a matte finish or satin finish and with the measurements given.

    The slats of wooden roller shutters are connected to each other with a cord or ribbon. Deciding on one or the other depends on your preferences. The simplest is the cord. They always match the chosen design, both the ribbon and the cord.

    The best choice for wooden roller shutters is white or light-colored roller shutters.

  • The choice of slats is also important and there are several options to choose from, for example if you live in a very cold area choose the PVC models that insulate more, but if you want to increase security choose the option of self-locking as they are quite secure.

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