5 Points to check before installing a roller shutter

A roller blind is a device that allows you to completely or partially conceal a room to adjust the brightness according to your comfort needs. This type of installation can also provide additional protection to your windows against the risk of intrusion. However, installing a shutter requires careful thought as to the type of fixing to use, but also the type of insulation you expect. Taking good measurements is also important to integrate the shutters perfectly into your building. So, in this article, we reveal 5 key points to check before installing roller blinds.

How to choose the type of blinds?

Depending on the technical constraints that the installation of a roller shutter in your home may impose, there are three types of fixing. The choice of the type of fixing also depends on the ease of maintenance and the future accessibility of your shutter.

roller shutter

Installation under lintel

 Lintel installation is an installation technique that consists of placing the roller shutter box just above your window. Thus, the entire mechanism is very close to your glazing, which allows optimal thermal insulation.

Installation under inverted lintel

  • Installation under an inverted lintel consists of placing the winding box under the window frame. On the other hand, the shutter closes mainly along your wall, and not against the glazing. There is therefore a gap between the windowpane and the slats of the shutter.


Wall or facade installation

  •  The overlay installation is particularly suitable for small windows. Indeed, the box is placed directly on the facade of your wall to free up space at the level of the frame of your window. In this type of installation, the crank opening and closing system is rather recommended.



What type of control should you choose for your roller shutters?

There are two types of control the opening and closing the roller blinds, a radio system that allows the entire system to be controlled remotely using a remote control, and a wired system controlled by a switch fixed to the side of the window.

The radio system

 The radio system works using infrared. This adopts the same principle as a television remote control. The control box is thus located in the upper part of the shutter and is easily accessible in the event of a technical intervention. The main advantage of the radio system is the possibility of controlling your shutter from a long distance. But also, the installation of the radio system is relatively simple to achieve.

roller shutter

The wired system

  • The wired system requires the integration of a switch in the wall, on the side of the window. Thus, the opening and closing of the shutter is done manually. The advantage of the wired system is that its operation is not dependent on any interference imposed by a remote control. On the other hand, the installation of the wired system requires the intervention of a professional.

How to define the budget and guarantees for a roller shutter?

  • The budget for installing a shutter varies depending on the model you choose, its technical characteristics, as well as any technical constraints regarding installation. But also, the price is influenced by the choice of material for your installation. Indeed, PVC is the most economical material compared to composite and aluminum. 

How to take a good measurement?

  •  Before even buying your roller shutter, we advise you to take a good measurement first. This allows you to check that the shutter you are going to buy will be well adapted to the size of your window. Although window sizes are generally universal, it is still important to take a few minutes to check them out. However, if the width and height of your windows have been made to measure, you have the perfect possibility of buying a roller shutter that is also made to measure. In this case, it is a kit in which the slides of your shutter are adaptable to the length and height of your windows.

  • When taking the measurements, also think about the locations of the various drilling points, considering the passage of the electric cables of your roller shutter. Indeed, whether the opening and closing system is done using a switch or a remote control, in both cases the various electrical cables must pass through the frame of your window.

Which roller shutters to choose according to the expected insulation?

The installation of roller shutters can be based on several reasons. You can choose this type of installation to protect yourself from the sun or to protect you from the prying eyes of the neighborhood. You also have the possibility of installing this type of shutters to provide your house with additional thermal insulation as well as acoustic insulation, for certain models.

  • More specifically, about the type of thermal insulation, this solution allows you to achieve real energy savings. Indeed, while nearly 15% of energy losses pass through windows, equipping them with a roller shutter increases their thermal performance.

Thus, the windows are no longer in direct contact with the weather from the outside, the wind and the cold, but also heat, during the summer period. To optimize this type of insulation, you can also install rock wool or expanded cork in the shutter box.


  • As for the choice of the most insulating material, PVC offers excellent protection compared to aluminum. Indeed, due to its alveolar structure, PVC presents itself as an effective thermal barrier.

The essential points to remember so that the installation of your roller shutters takes place in the best conditions and preserves all the aesthetic aspect of your house, it is important to choose the type of fixing to be defined according to the size of your windows. For this, careful sizing is essential to define whether you need a custom-made solution. And, once your budget has been defined and the type of order established, all you must do is choose the material according to your comfort needs!


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