Roller shades & roller blinds

When many of us consider shades, they consider roller shades & roller blinds. These classic window coverings have remained popular for several years thanks to their timeless style and ease. additionally, to being highly effective at doing the items homeowners need their window treatments to do—blocking light and protecting privacy—roller shades & roller blinds also are easy to include into virtually any room in your home, no matter its color scheme or style.

roller shades roller blinds

Buying roller shades & roller blinds for your home through UNITEC may be a simple process, but it’s important to stay a couple of things in mind before, during, and after the time that you simply place your order. for instance, we provide several sorts of roller blinds, and every variety has its own options, including valance type, lift type, and color choice. The installation method you select also can impact both the looks and performance of your new roller blinds, so it’s important to understand which method is true for your home.


Roller shades & roller blinds are budget-friendly in the least ends of the spectrum.

Whether you’re looking to save lots of money while still covering your windows with top-quality roller shades & roller blinds, or you’re prepared to splurge and obtain the simplest of the simplest, you can’t fail with our selection of roller shades. Our deluxe roller shades are available in room darkening, light filtering, blackout vinyl, and blackout fabric varieties, while our premium models carry a better tag but feature more options, including more color choices and more texture choices (polyester blend or premium weaved wood).

Roller shades & roller blinds are easy to wash.

Unlike many sorts of blinds and shades that feature folds, slats, and louvers, roller shades & roller blinds contain a headrail and one solid piece of cloth or synthetic material that stretches the length of your window when fully extended. meaning that these window coverings not only are less likely to accumulate dirt, dust, and pollen, but they’re also easier to wash. A feather duster is very effective at removing most debris from even the dirtiest roller shades, and most heavy-duty cleaning jobs require only a humid rag and mild cleaning solution.

Plus for more options on cleaning roller shades & roller blinds, see our past article that talks all about cleaning them.

The shades are perfect for rooms where you would like to eliminate outside light.

Although we also offer light filtering and room darkening roller shades & roller blinds, we all know that a lot of homeowners want shades that eliminate sunlight and therefore the sun’s harsh UV rays from entering certain rooms. Whether you’re buying window treatments for a bedroom, front room, headquarters, nursery, or rumpus room, our blackout roller shades are the proper choice. Among our deluxe models, we provide blackout roller shades in vinyl and fabric varieties, with a further fabric choice available in our premium selection.

Window shades have free cordless options at UNITEC.

Cordless window treatments have numerous advantages over traditional cord-operated blinds and shades. First, the shortage of a lift cord simply means there’s one less part on your window coverings that needs potential repairs or replacement. Anyone with pets knows that they will be interested in cords and chains, which often lead to damage. Second, cordless options often look sleeker and more “built-in” to the window and therefore the room than models with cords and chains. Finally, cordless shades are safer than corded models. Although we supply free cord cleats with all corded window treatment purchases, many householders prefer to forgo cords entirely, especially for homes where young children are present.

Roller blinds require precise measurements for max privacy and lightweight blocking.

While roller shades are popular both for his or her built-in look and their ability to guard privacy/block light, it’s vital that they’re installed correctly to maximize their effectiveness. And proper installation begins with a radical measurement process. If you’re brooding about buying roller shades & roller blinds, first choose whether you would like an outdoor mount or an indoor mount.

As the name implies, We can install outside mounted roller shades & roller blinds with the headrail outside of the window casing. The shades completely cover the whole window with extra fabric to spare to further eliminate light gaps and leakage. This installation method is great for covering unsightly window casings and to form windows that appear larger.

Inside mounted roller shades & roller blinds are installed in a traditional manner with the headrail placed flush within the confines of the window casing. Because the danger of sunshine leaks and gaps increases with inside mounted window treatments, it’s important to urge precise measurements. Measure to the closest eighth of an in. , and don’t gather. additionally, you ought to also measure the width and height in multiple places across your window and record the most important measurement once you provide us with the size.

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