What types of roller shades blinds are there and how are they different?

Roller blinds, also called roller shades blinds, are a system that works by wrapping a fabric, usually PVC or polyester, around a plastic or aluminum carousel, which is located above the upper window frame.

These particular types of shades blinds are excellent as they were designed not only to offer elegance and comfort, but they are also extremely functional. We will expand these concepts shortly.

Their wide variety of designs and blinds fabrics make them ideal for practically any room or space. But what kind of options do we have? How are the different existing blinds fabrics different? Next, we put at your disposal the first part of the complete guide with the different types of fabrics for roller shades blinds that are available.

Black Out Roller shade blinds

roller shades blinds

Ideal for lovers of the dark

Surely you have heard this term many times when the topic of home decoration came up, but have you ever wondered what black out roller shades blinds really are?

Well, look no further: black out roller shades blinds are a type of roller blinds, and their most important feature is that they have 0% transparency. This means that they completely block the sunlight that tries to pass through them.

Furthermore, the most important advantage of black out roller blinds is that it allows the complete blocking of light and is a thermal and sound insulator, allowing you to sleep peacefully or keep the environments in privacy.

Create private environments quickly and easily

The type of material used in black out roller shades blinds is the thickest available. This makes them completely blackout, and therefore, not only will light not be able to enter but also no one will be able to see through them.

This advantage allows you to generate environments of complete security and privacy in the rooms where they are placed.

Black out roller shades blinds helps soundproofing

This type of roller blinds is made with insulating materials: 3 layers of PVC that cover fiberglass sheets between them. Therefore, they are perfect for noisy places where noise pollution is very high.

You can save money

The black out roller shades blinds help to isolate the environments, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the different environments, since they form a barrier between the cold outside and the internal heat, and vice versa. Therefore, This allows you to reduce your home heating and air conditioning costs.

Sunscreen Roller Shades Blinds

roller shades blinds

Complete control of natural light

Another well-known type of fabric for roller blinds is Sunscreen.

Sunscreen roller shades blinds have the particularity of offering highly detailed control of the light entering the room. As they are not completely blackout, they allow a certain percentage of light to enter, depending on the quality of the fabric and the openness of the micro-perforations. This, combined with the possibility of rolling them up to a certain height, gives you the possibility of greater control of the natural light of the environment.

However, despite not completely darkening the environment (unlike black out roller shades blinds fabric), Sunscreen roller shade blinds provide protection from UV sun rays. This is the result of excellent quality in high-tech materials.

Home use for excellence

This type of Sunscreen roller shades blinds fabric is much more common to find in different homes than black out roller shades blinds fabric since they are highly aesthetic and are useful in living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and any type of space where you usually want to keep as much of the roller shade blinds fabric as possible. Natural light possible, while it is preferred to have a nice view to the outside.

In the same way, Sunscreen roller shades blinds fabric minimize the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, protecting and preserving the surrounding floors and furniture.

Sunscreen roller shades blinds are very easy to maintain

Due to the composition of the materials with which they are made, maintaining this type of roller shades blinds becomes a simple task.

Simply diluting a few drops of detergent with a little warm water and moistening a new cloth, and you can remove the stains that the sunscreen roller shades blinds may have. You can also remove the dust with a duster or handheld vacuum.

It is recommended to carry out this process every 3 months, as this will significantly extend the useful life of the Sunscreen roller shades blinds fabric.

Day and night roller shades blinds (Eclipse zebra roller shades)

roller shades blinds

Redefining versatility

When one refers to the day and night roller shades blinds, they know that they are talking about a blind that will not let him down. It offers the versatility that one is looking for without having to have to have an excessive budget.

So is. Day and night roller shades blinds, Roller Duo shades, also called Eclipse or zebra blinds, offer the benefits of two different fabrics in one shade. They combine the advantages of a Black Out blinds fabric with those of a Sunscreen fabric, allowing you to control much better the outside light that enters the room.

Day and Night roller blinds are extremely versatile

When combining two fabrics in one, its operation consists of a curtain with horizontal stripes, which when pulling the rope are completely blocked, using the Black Out at 100%, and when pulling again it is combined with a Sunscreen, letting good pass part of the natural light. Of course it can also be rolled up like any roller blinds, so you can set the height for complete sunlight control.

If you like environments with a lot of life during the day, you can leave the blinds rolled up for maximum lighting. On the contrary, if you need to work and the reflection is not showing on your monitor, you can lower the Day and night roller shades blinds and use the Sunscreen fabric, which will protect you from UV rays and allow you to carry out your work without the inconvenience of the unwanted lights.

Now if total darkness is what you want, just lower the Day and night roller shade blinds with Black Out mode. This is ideal for people who want an environment in which they can relax, either to have a long night’s sleep or simply to increase concentration when working or studying.

Day and night roller shades blinds will give you the protection and privacy you need

Thanks to the possibility of blocking external lights completely, you will optimize your sleep cycles. Not only you will be able to sleep more deeply and without interruption, but also you will notice that you will wake up each day with more vitality and energy. Light poles and car headlights will no longer be a problem, as will those summer mornings where the sun rises too early.

On the other hand, when you wake up in the morning you probably want a bright room. Just roll up the day and night roller shades blinds and you’ll notice the abysmal change by letting all the light into your room.

At times where the sun enters your environment intensely, such as between 12 noon and 4 p.m. Sunscreen fabric is ideal. This will not only allow you to regulate the lighting in the room, but it will also protect it from UV rays.

This seems minor, but keep in mind that many times this protection is not intended for dynamic elements of the environment, such as humans. Rather, it aims to protect your furniture, since many times they are made of wood, which wears very noticeably if it is not cared for correctly.

If you decide to go for this Day and night roller shades blinds fabric, you will be making a long-term investment, as you can rest assured that your furniture will stay as good as new for many more years.

Dual roller shades blinds

roller shades blinds
Dual roller shades blinds

Excellence in person

It really becomes a very difficult task to try to find disadvantages for this type of roller shades blinds, so Why? beyond the fact that, because they have a higher manufacturing cost, they require a larger budget for their acquisition.

These roller blinds are the definition of excellence: if you thought that Day and night roller shades blinds combined all the characteristics of the fabrics we had seen before, you were right. Likewise, Dual roller shade blinds achieve a significant improvement in each of these characteristics, since they do not combine two fabrics in one, but rather use two fabrics completely independent of each other, but both in the same blinds.

What does this mean? It means that you are in the presence of the width of swords in the trick; against a 21 in blackjack. The best option for whatever the situation, which combines all the advances brought by the technology of the last century in a single blinds. There is no doubt why interior decorators are choosing it so much lately.

Maximum control of natural light, occupying the same space

Like the Day and night roller shades blinds, we have a Black Out blinds fabric and a Sunscreen blinds fabric, with the exception that now each one is an independent fabric. This means that it will give us the possibility of having meticulous and precise control of the amount of exterior light that we want to filter in our environments.

On the one hand, if we wanted more luminosity, simply lowering the sunscreen roller blinds would achieve the desired effect. On the other hand, for greater darkness, we would occupy the Black Out blinds. But there is a plus: for absolute darkness of the environment, we can lower both fabrics, which was not allowed by any other type of roller shades blinds seen before.

And best of all: they have a special roller system that allows you to combine both roller shades blinds in the same window, so you will not need to take up much more space as you would with a simple system.

The most versatile aesthetic proposal

Thanks to the fact that it combines two different fabrics in the same roller shades blinds, the aesthetic proposal is expanded. It is possible, in this way, to choose different colors for each screen, as well as to customize the carousel where it is rolled for maximum versatility in terms of options. From now on, imagination is the limit, creating an interesting dynamic.

Double insulation

Unrolling both panels not only offers, as we said before, maximum darkening and privacy in the room, but it will also allow us a much greater isolation.

It is proven that the transfer of heat and cold from a room to or from the outside occurs through openings (doors and windows). In the summer, you can save a lot of expenses on air conditioning and fans when you prevent the sun from entering the room, and in winter, you can save on heating costs. All this simply by leaving the roller shades blinds fabric covering your window.

All roller shades blinds are good insulators, both acoustic and sound (there is nothing like no annoying noises at night or at nap time when trying to rest). Now imagine, if one screen was already effective enough, the power it will have when you use two.


In this complete guide, we have seen the 4 most important fabrics when it comes to roller blinds.

First of all, the Black Out roller shade blinds. These offer the possibility of a very good darkening of the room. They are excellent for those who do not want annoying lights when they want to rest.

Second, the Sunscreen roller shade blinds. This type of fabric is designed to filter outside light, but without completely blocking it. Ideal for environments where the light reaches very strong, especially between the hours of 12 and 4 p.m., and in those where it is necessary that the reflection not enter to be able to work on a personal computer.

Third, we have the Day and night roller shades blinds. This combines the two previous fabrics into a single fabric. Therefore, it is possible to completely block the light when using the Black Out or to let some of it through when using half-Black Out fabric and half Sunscreen fabric. Due to their system of horizontal stripes, they provide excellent versatility, but it is not possible to use only the Sunscreen fabric, as in the Double.

Finally, we have the Dual roller shades blinds. These combine two different fabrics in the same window blinds, but each is a separate panel. This means that we can choose only the Sunscreen fabric, only the Black Out fabric, or a combination of both to your complete taste and need. In addition, all the isolation, UV protection, and privacy functions are doubled when it is decided to use both screens simultaneously. However, as expected, they are the most expensive.

We hope this guide has been useful to you.

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