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Roller shade fabric can be found in a broad range of colors, patterns, openness factors, and solar heat gain properties that protect a space from harmful UV rays. They also contribute to reduced cooling and energy costs while delivering a refined finish to any space.


However, there’s so much more than aesthetics and openness factors to consider. The right window shade fabric can maximize daylighting benefits allowing for excellent outward visibility – even when shades are lowered. When specified correctly, roller shade fabrics can contribute to improved wellness, productivity, and engagement of a home or building’s occupants.


Choose the high-quality roller shade fabric for your custom Roller Shades in this carefully curated category from UNITEC, The leading professional manufacturer of the roller shade fabric. These roller shades are a fantastic way to customize and manage the light in your home while providing privacy, so they’re a popular choice for the bedroom, living room, and home office. Making your own Roller Shades is a great solution for homes with large, irregular, or challenging window configurations.


Choosing a Roller Shade fabric that meets the demands of your environment will help ensure that you’re pleased with the finished product. Our selection of Roller Shade fabrics includes light-filtering fabrics, blackout fabrics, and fabrics with extra-wide widths to accommodate larger windows. Our favorite Roller Shade fabric includes sheer, woven options for Phifertex, SheerWeave, and Soltis 86. These fabrics allow for easy scissor cutting without hemming and offer a stiffer feel, so they’re perfect for achieving that structured look. You may want to consider ordering samples to ensure the best combination of light and style for your home.


Once you’ve chosen your desired fabric, you can easily finish the job with our Roller Shade kits, which include a roller clutch unit, brackets, hardware, a ball chain, and other essential mechanisms. All you have to do is add your favorite fabric. When you use one of these kits, you’ll be able to adjust your shades as you please so you can tailor the light and privacy of any given room anytime.

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