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The Roller Screen are 70% PVC and 30% polyester micro-perforated fabrics. There are different percentages of perforation through the fabric giving more or less visibility as a filter.

The most commonly used opening factors are 3% – 5% and 10%. These opening factors are directly proportional to the UV filter and visibility through the fabric. In the case of 3%, 5%, and 10%. the UV filtering factor is approximately 96% and 95%. Providing excellent protection to the incidence of the fearsome sun.

Sunlight is very important to humans, but too much sunlight in your home could damage your furniture, floors, and even your skin. UV radiation increases the temperature of your home causing it to become hotter.

However, UNITEC roller blinds sunscreen absorb these harmful rays allowing a perfect and relaxing amount of sunlight to enter your home. This will make the environment more comfortable and relaxing.

Also, with the roller blinds screen, you can enjoy sunlight in your home without making it too uncomfortable. Although these curtains filter the entry of light, you can appreciate and see the exterior of your house thanks to the different percentages of opacity that it has.


Regarding raw materials, first of all, we use high-quality PVC plastic particles to coated polyester yarns to make the yarns for sunscreen roller screen fabric. Moreover, All raw materials are environmentally friendly materials. Roller screen is a lasting option for managing your environment.


Secondly, use the advanced weaving machine to produce the base fabric of the roller screen. The weaving machine has high precision, short cycle, and high agility.


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