Why choose Roller Screen Shades?

Roller Screen Shades provide a ventilated, illuminated, and intimate environment at the same time, since they have the ability to filter the sun by 95%, block heat, glare, and UV rays but without preventing the passage of light or privacy inside.

roller screen shades

Roller Screen Blinds fabrics allow light to pass through while maintaining their solar filter quality thanks to the different degrees of opening of the threads with which their fabrics are designed: they range from Screen 1% being the most opaque, Screen 3%, Screen 5%, up to Screen 14% being the most translucent (you can observe the external visibility that Roller Screen Shades allow according to their degree of opening in the image above).

For those who seek natural lighting but without losing the thermal control of the environments, both in the retention of cold and heat, the screen fabric for Roller Shades returns the answer to perfectly fulfill this function, helping to save energy in the home. visible, delicate, elegant, and modern, the Roller Screen Shades come in a wide range of colors and different types of operation: either manually (by means of a chain), or automated (by means of a key or remote control).

Roller Screen Shades with roller system is the most recommended, due to their greater comfort and aesthetics and their compatibility with other shades such as Black Out Roller Shades or Classic Roller Shades.

What is roller screen shades fabric?

Within a large number of blinds available on the market, Roller Screen Shades may be one of the most complete that exists.

Roller Screen Shades belong to the family of Roller Shades. They are part of this family since their mechanics of use are based on a tube on which the fabric of the Curtain is rolled. In this way, it is possible to regulate the entrance of light that is desired.

The second great characteristic of this type of roller screen shades is the fabric with which it is made: the SunScreen fabric, a characteristic that gives the blinds its name. This type of roller screen shades fabric is a perfect manager of light and temperature since it perfectly manages the entry of exterior light and the heat that passes into the room. But in addition to this, the roller shades screen fabrics have many more characteristics.

The best Roller Screen Shades for your environments

Roller Screen Shades are the best way to obtain solar control in the interior of the environment. They offer a view of the outside while protecting the environment from UV rays, filtering light, and generating great visual comfort.

The Roller Sunscreen fabric used for the roller shades is characterized because it is made based on a weft that generates openings in the fabric. With them, we maintain intimacy in the environment during the day, since it cannot be seen from the outside to the inside.

UNITEC Roller Screen fabrics offer a wide variety of fabrics in different tones and textures. The opening size of our fabrics can vary between 1%, 5%, and 10%; offering different degrees of protection and visibility to the outside.

All about Sunscreen Roller Blinds

roller screen shades

Also known as Translucent Shades, Roller Screen Shades are a decorative element of excellence for those who want a modernized environment. They give aesthetics to the environment and raise the visual impression of it, but not only that, but they are also very practical and functional.

These shades provide access to natural light within your room, but not to the sun’s rays. In this way, you can enjoy the clearest lighting without exposing yourself – or your furniture and upholstery – to the damage caused by UV rays.

The fabrics are arranged in different percentages of protection, depending on the sunlight that your environment receives, that is, according to your needs.

This protection, in addition, will allow you to have thermal control in the room and optimize consumption in heating and cooling methods.

Manufactured from regular coated fiberglass, they have advantages such as durability, resistance to breakage, colorfastness to UV rays, air porosity that provides natural ventilation, and regular transparency.

Being easy to clean, this roller shades model does not generate mold and is resistant to chemical agents.

Where are the best places to put Roller Screen Shades? Living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. They are ideal for any space in which you seek to preserve the view to the outside and enjoy the natural lighting, but without losing privacy. Available in a wide variety of colors, tones, and textures, Sunscreen Roller Shades has become the natural choice for deco professionals.

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Sun Screen Material 5% Beige Color

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